Have you ever been to a floating market before? Are you sure it isn’t a ‘Floating Tourist Trap’? Check these tips out and see whether you are a victim of a ‘must not’ go location or not.  1) The place doesn’t have the real canal. Can you believe it? They made it all up, though I… Read more »

So we would like to take you to all the amazing floationg market around Bangkok. The real, authentic and local one, only Watch out for all of it! Today we present you “Unique Non-touristy Thai Market” This trip will not only take you to Floating Market but also others authentic markets nearby. Check it out: https://www.takemetour.com/…/unique-non-touristy-thai-market… Read more »

7 (seem to be) common transportation in Thailand

Feel like traveling around today? Below are some common Thai Public transportation. Travel Safe!  Motorcycle Taxi : Almost in front of every alleys or ‘Soi’ in Thai language you can these driver in a colorful jacket with number on it. This is the fastest way to travel to anywhere but watch out for the speed!… Read more »

If you are into travel or use to look for beautiful and bucket destination, you properly saw Thailand on a list or two. Any of you who had already been to Thailand may have some ideas of what is ‘Very Thai’. For those who is still packing their bags. Here are some things, you will want to… Read more »

What is your Chinese Lunar New Year plan at night?

Chinatown will be pack! Stay home will be boring. Get wasted? Well, it is not Friday. Why won’t you try ‘Gallery Hopping’ for “TGIF” Galley Hopping is a self-guide tour to visit various Art Galleys along Silom and Charoen Krung Road. 13 Galley are Artery Post Modern Gallery, Artha Gallery, ATTA Gallery, Bridge Café &… Read more »

Silom New color: Sunday Walking Street

Silom may famous for a business area in the daylight and a vivid lifestyle in the night. Now, Silom offer you a new sensation which combine the best of it former legacy. ‘Silom Sunday Walking Street‘ open from 12 pm. till 11 pm. You can eat, chill and shop every Sunday until further notice. Want… Read more »

See Thailand through the local’s eyes

This is how I spend one day in Bangkok by TakeMeTour.com TakeMeTour is a marketplace for day trips in Thailand. We aims to create new local travel experiences. Travellers can browse hundreds of hand-crafted day trips created by local people at many of your travel destinations in Thailand. Looking for some awesome local trip : http://www.takmetour.com or Become… Read more »