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Time for lunch or dinner in Chiang Rai? Also wondering what and where is good to eat? Then, this list of the best Chiang Rai food to check out is perfect for you. I got to try many of these on a trip with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and let’s just say I was… Read more »

If you’ve been to Bangkok, you’re probably no stranger to its morning bustle and the scene of Bangkokians hurrying to work with iced coffee in one hand. Despite the rush, our metropolis is home to many inviting traditional Thai breakfast places. They serve up various delicious dishes and won’t cause you more than 3$. From Congee and Patongko (Chinese donuts) to… Read more »

The world of Thai desserts is quite like Alice’s Wonderland. The edible wonders come in all shapes and forms — from Khanom Chan (Thai Steamed Pandan Layer Cake) to Thong Yib (Pinched Gold Egg Yolks) and Khao Tom Mud (Steamed Sticky Rice with Banana Filling). Out of all the Thai desserts, those with coconut milk conquer more hearts than others do. Or just Mango… Read more »

If you’ve tried some Thai herbal drinks, you know that all of them are the edible liquid versions of a refresh button. And the best energy boosters against Thailand’s heat. Actually, that’s not all Thai herbal drinks have to offer. Each one is packed with a variety of health benefits from cleansing, energy boosting, enhancing body systems, saving skin and… Read more »

Shades and hues, and natural ones at that, are among the major attributes of Thai culinary arts. Green curry, Massaman or even the oh-so-ordinary Thai fried rice are edible versions of color palette. We know that turmeric and an assortment of chilies are the major influences behind Thai main dishes’ bright and bold tint. However,… Read more »

Thai cuisine is known for its vast array of meaty delights, from your typical chicken breast to the shocking (to some) frog leg. The common dishes on the menu usually look like a bundle of spice-soaked pieces of meat. Understandably, more than once we’ve heard foreigners confess that despite their Thai food craze, they miss… Read more »