Beyond Mango and Durian with Sticky Rice: 5 Thai Coconut Desserts with Soul-Satisfying Amount of Coconut Milk!

The world of Thai desserts is quite like Alice’s Wonderland. The edible wonders come in all shapes and forms — from Khanom Chan (Thai Steamed Pandan Layer Cake) to Thong Yib (Pinched Gold Egg Yolks) and Khao Tom Mud (Steamed Sticky Rice with Banana Filling). Out of all the Thai desserts, those with coconut milk conquer more hearts than others do. Or just Mango or Durian with Sticky Rice, to be precise.

What a pity. Mango and Durian Sticky Rice isn’t all there is to Thai desserts with coconut milk. Take a look at these five Thai coconut desserts, in which coconut milk doesn’t come in spoons but in saucepans.

5 Thai Coconut Desserts for Coconut Milk Fans

1. Sweet Sticky Rice with Durian — but not the one you know.

Yes, we just talked about how Durian with Sticky Rice is among the only two known Thai desserts with coconut milk. However, this one is different from the common version, if not better for lovers of Thai coconut desserts. This traditional variant of Durian with Sweet Sticky Rice is literally a saucepan (yes, the whole saucepan) of durian in sweetened coconut milk. The sweet sticky rice is less rich in coconut milk to balance out the muskiness from the sauce and only put in the bowl before it is served.

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2. Sweet Sticky Rice with Black Beans in Coconut Milk

Back in our grandparents’ days, Sticky Rice with Black Beans in Coconut Milk was everywhere. The black beans’ unique earthy scent and texture make it an old-school favorite. Like Sweet Sticky Rice with Durian, the black beans are also cooked in sweetened coconut milk in a saucepan.

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3. Tapioca and Corn Pudding

Tapioca and Corn Pudding tops the list of many Thais’ childhood favorites. Sadly, it is becoming harder to come by, let alone finding a really good one. If cooked just right, the tapioca is gooey and chewy while the corn gives it a perfectly crunchy texture. The rich salted coconut milk is cooked in a separate saucepan and only poured over the tapioca right before it’s served, so get ready for a different experience. The salty flavor goes so well the sweetness and also enhances the overall taste.

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4. Sweet Black Sticky Rice with Longan or Taro

Now, both the texture and taste of the sweet black sticky rice are entirely different from the ones you know. The black sticky rice exudes its very own piney scent and is more glutinous and gooey. Combining with musky longans, this Thai coconut dessert sure is a dreamy choice. Like Tapioca and Corn Pudding, the salted coconut milk stays in a separate saucepan and greatly enhances the taste.

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5. Tao Suan

One of the simplest yet most interesting Thai coconut desserts in our opinion. Unlike all the other listed desserts, Tao Suan contains just mung beans and salted coconut milk. The mung beans are sweetened and made gooey with tapioca and arrowroot starch. Since the beans are so rich in nutrients, they make the perfect excuse for getting another bowl of Tao Suan!

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