Drop Everything and Eat: Where to Eat Traditional Thai Breakfast in Bangkok (Great Food with Local Vibes)

If you’ve been to Bangkok, you’re probably no stranger to its morning bustle and the scene of Bangkokians hurrying to work with iced coffee in one hand. Despite the rush, our metropolis is home to many inviting traditional Thai breakfast places. They serve up various delicious dishes and won’t cause you more than 3$. From Congee and Patongko (Chinese donuts) to Sweet Sticky Rice and fresh fruits, almost any food makes a great Thai breakfast. You can easily try something different each morning.

Here, we’ve rounded up our personal favorite traditional Thai breakfast places in different areas around Bangkok. We can guarantee that tasty breakfast aside, the peaceful atmosphere will make you want to slow down and forget coffee-only breakfast.

9 Traditional Thai Breakfast Places with Great Food and Local Vibes

1. On Lok Yun (Bangkok Old Town)

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This one brings us back to the lazy high school days where we would skip the morning national anthem and exercise session to nibble away at On Lok Yun’s scrumptious Fried Egg, Omelet with Bacon and Steamed Bread with Kaya (local coconut jam) – the house’s signature.

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This 70-year-old retro Chinese shophouse is also a good place to watch how a slow Thai morning rolls. It exudes homey ambiance, with mostly local grandparents chatting over their traditional breakfast of choice, a piping hot tea and a newspaper.

Where: Here

2. Hia Tai Kee (Bangkok Old Town)

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This old-school Chinese shophouse has been a morning staple for us locals for over 60 years. Their signatures are Pan-Fried Egg (seasoned with minced pork, chopped spring onion and salty sauce) and Hot Tea.

Hia Tai Kee is similar to On Lok Yun in terms of its local senior regulars, making it a good place to people-watch and immerse in Bangkok’s charming and rare leisurely pace.

Where: here.

3. Silom (CBD – BTS Sala Daeng, MRT Silom)

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Although a bustling concrete jungle, Silom is home to countless local food stalls open from early morning till late night. Khao Raad Gaeng (Rice and Curry) restaurants, noodle shops, cafes, fruit vendors, and traditional Thai sweet stalls occupy both the main street right under Sala Daeng BTS Station and the sois (adjoining alleys). You can forget Silom’s businesslike personality for a while when eating early in the morning at these local institutions.

Where: Here.

4. Chan Road or Soi St. Louis in Sathorn (BTS Surasak)

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Sathorn is another posh CBD with a surprising amount of cheap and cheerful traditional Thai breakfast places. The adjoining Pan Road is the place to be for locally renowned Duck Noodles, Khao Mun Gai (Chicken Rice), and more. Plus, you’ll find most rare traditional Thai snacks like Grilled Banana with Sweet Sauce and Khanom Krok (Coconut-Rice Pancakes) in the area.

Some shops serve breakfast, some lunch, and others both. Keep in mind though that lunchtime will be very busy with office workers in the area. That’s why you should come here for breakfast.

Where: Here. From BTS Surasak, start from exit 3 and walk back to Sathorn 11. From there, just walk down the road until rows of food stalls come into view. It’s a pretty long street, so take a look around first, just so you don’t miss out on all the delish available.

5. Ari (BTS Ari or Saphan Khwai)

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Ari is a chic and laid-back neighborhood that wins locals’ and travelers’ hearts for obvious reasons – food. Among Ari’s major hits are porridge, congee, and grilled pork, but there’s plenty of other local’s favorites.

In addition, Ari has some of the sleekest coffee shops and cafes in town. After enjoying your hearty traditional Thai breakfast, don’t forget to satisfy your daily caffeine craving before leaving the area.

Where: Here.

6. Bang Rak (BTS Saphan Taksin)

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Saphan Taksin area not only charms locals and travelers with its hip eateries, retro jazz bars, and the renowned riverside mall Asiatique. It buzzes with local life from dusk to dawn and also offers plethoras of cheap but delicious choices for traditional Thai breakfast. Among the local sought-afters are Jok Prince (Congee), Prajak Ped Yang (Roasted Duck) and Kha Mhoo Charoensaeng (Braised Pig Trotter).

Where: Here. From Saphan Taksin BTS Station, walk left and just let the tantalizing smell guide you. Besides the three restaurants we’ve listed above, there are many more waiting to make your belly happy.

Jok Prince: here

Prajak Ped Yang: here

Kha Mhoo Charoensaeng: here

7. Talat Phlu (BTS Talat Phlu or Wutthakat)

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Talat Phlu is a vital neighborhood, a living history, a major train station, and a classic local food hub rolled into one. Located on the other side of Chao Phraya River (Thonburi side), the area is home to mostly Thai-Chinese whose first-generation ancestors disembarked and started their new life here.

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Actually, Talat Phlu translates to Phlu Market and the area lives up to its name. Food stalls take up both the streets and the sides of the railway. Give yourself a good morning with Fish Maw Soup, Khao Mun Gai (Chicken Rice), Khao Moo Grob (Rice with Crispy Pork Belly), Guay Jub (Chinese-style Rice Noodles), Moo Satay (Marinated Pork on Bamboo Skewers), or even Frozen Egg Ice Cream. As we said, we Thais can eat anything for breakfast!

Where: Here.

8. Bang Lamphu (Bangkok Old town)

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Here’s a surprise. Just a stone’s throw away from rowdy Khaosan Road, the classic, quiet and residential Bang Lamphu is a great place for traditional Thai breakfast. Food stalls along Bang Lamphu’s streets come alive since the first light hits the golden stupas in the area. So night owls can practically ‘eat it off’ alongside local early birds.

Where: Here.

9. Wang Lang (Bangkok Old Town)

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Just across the famous Tha Chang and Tha Phra Chan in the Chao Phraya River area is Wang Lang Pier, so you can easily get there by ferry.

Wang Lang Pier sits right beside Thailand’s largest and oldest hospital, Siriraj Hospital. Every morning, the vendor-filled street across the hospital wakes up with hospital officials and locals shopping for breakfast and snacks. However, the real Wang Lang is the walking street behind the main one. Tubtim Grob (Water Chestnuts in Coconut Milk), Local-Style Soy Milk and Khanom Krok (Coconut-Rice Pancakes) are just a few examples of breakfast that even locals travel across the city for.

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Where: Here. To get to the real Wang Lang, just walk along the main street and turn left to the little adjoining alleys. Most of them are connected and will eventually take you to another street.

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