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What’s up, y’all! Loy Krathong is next Wednesday! How excited!!! Today, I’ll talk about what a Krathong, the traditional one, is made of. This one will be my third and final Loy Krathong content for this year. ūüėÄ If you would like to check out my first and second one, please, follow the links below….. Read more »

Where are all the good Thai foods at? What are local Thai snacks? Is this the taste that Thai people like? If you love eating Thai food such as Pad Thai, Tom Yum, Som Tum, and many more, then, check out these local food trips. You can enjoy not only eating at locally famous restaurants/… Read more »

Looking for new things to do in Bangkok? If you wonder what¬†Bangkok¬†folks usually do¬†on¬†weekends, here are some idea/trips of things to¬†do in Bangkok. Experience Bangkokians’¬†trends, explore something new, something different…¬†These idea trips are featured some special activities and places you¬†would definitely love. Make each time of your visit unique and memorable. Forget the shopping malls… Read more »