9 foodie trips you must try when you are in Bangkok

Where are all the good Thai foods at? What are local Thai snacks? Is this the taste that Thai people like? If you love eating Thai food such as Pad Thai, Tom Yum, Som Tum, and many more, then, check out these local food trips. You can enjoy not only eating at locally famous restaurants/ food stalls in town, but also learning how to cook any signature Thai dishes of your favorite too. Updating and trying the authentic and flavorful dishes with our local experts today and you will be surprised with the ‘Yum-O’ of Thai food like never before.

Stop drooling! Start your foodie journey now!

1. Thai Boat Noodle Buffet 🙂 Eat Like Crazy

foodie, things to do in bangkok, boat noodle

A boat noodle with black soup

The notoriously delicious Thai boat noodle called Nam Tok is here! Come and have a crazy noodle buffet at a local famous place with our local expert. The signature black soup is the key of boat noodles. If you want to know more about this boat noodle, please, check out this trip detail at the link above. Our local expert will also take you the old town are to visit the Grand Palace and other temples too.


2. Tom Yum Only!

foodie, things to do in bangkok, tom yum goong

Tom Yum Goong

Who doesn’t know what Tom Yum Goong is? Tomyum is the king of Thai food!!! and if you are Tomyum’s big fans we recommend this half-day trip for you. Our local expert, Mr. Tong, love Tomyum so much that he often explores new delicious Tomyum places in Bangkok. He will take you to different restaurant throughout the afternoon to enjoy different types, yet authentic of Tomyum.


3. Traditional Thai Dinner & Meeting Event

things to do in bangkok, cooking, bangkok, jekky's homestay

Dinner Time!

Ms. Jekky has opened her kitchen for every experience seeker to participate and learn their favorite Thai dishes. Chef Jekky lets you decide which one of your favorite dishes you will be learning and cooking everything from scratch. She will take you to a local fresh market to buy ingredients, then hit back to the kitchen to start prepping, cooking, and tasting your yummy dishes with your fellow travelers. The cooking methods will be the old traditional style; no gas, only charcoal, clay stove, and clay pot.

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, cooking, thai dishes, homie style

Cooking Thai dishes with a traditional style

4. Try local seafood and noodle

foodie, things to do in bangkok, seafood, cockles

Grilled cockles with spicy seafood dipping sauce

Our local expert will pick you up at your hotel or a BTS station. Instead of going to the beach, you guys will be on an adventure via boat to a mangrove forest, be able to collect some live cockles and shrimps at their residental area, have fresh seafood meals and delicious boat noodles.

foodie, things to do in bangkok, seafood, shrimp

Grilled shrimp :9


5. Vegetarian Food in BKK

foodie, things to do in bangkok, vegetarian, thai, chinese, appetizer

Thai-Chinese vegetarian appetizers

Are you a vegetarian food lover? If you would like to try a yummy Thai-Chinese vegetarian meal in Bangkok this trip is for you. Try these fusion vegetarian dishes at one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Bangkok.


6. Rod Fai Night Market @ Esplanade Ratchadapisek Tour with real local

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, night market, train market

Bangkok youngsters’ trend: Hanging out at night markets

Rot Fai Market (Train Market) in Bangkok is an authentic open-air bazaar selling an incredible array of vintage collectables and memorabilia from yesteryear, from antique furniture to hippy fashion and Mao kitsch. Enjoy shopping vintage goods and eating yummy food here. There is a famous giant egg noodle bowl you can give yourself a big challenge and finish it lol or we can chill out drinking beer and a bar there.

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, train market, giant egg noodle

Giant Egg Noodle, ‘Ba Mhee Chom Pa Lang’


7. Pippo’s BKK Coffee Tour

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, coffee lover, coffee, cafe

Coffee hopping with Mr. Pippo

If you love coffee hopping, like me, I would recommend this trip for you. Mr. Pippo, our friendly local expert, will take to the 5 best coffee shops in Thonglor and Ekami area. You will definitely have a great time talking and sharing your coffee experience with new friends.

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, coffee lover, coffee, cafe



8. Kitchen hopping from Bangkok to Saraburi

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, cooking, thai dishes, panaeng

Learn to cook Thai dishes

Spend your free day hopping to Saraburi and learn the authentic Thai food and dessert at our local expert’s place in Saraburi. With approximately an hour and half driving from Bangkok to the province, Ms. Raweewan will pick you up at your hotel to the kitchen and bring you back to your hotel safe and sound at the end of the trip. After lunch, she will teach you how to cook food and dessert from a list (click to see more detail) along with some secret tricks for deliciousness from her family

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, pad thai

Pad Thai :9


9. Lunch @Wang Lang Market

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, wang lang, kanom krok

Kanom Krok

​Wang Lang Market is very famous for its foods and goods. If you looking for a place to enjoy eating and shopping, Wang Lang is highly recommended. Sassy Thai food vendors are all around you and your stomach will growl with delight! Som Tum, Pad Thai, mango and sticky rice, Kanom Krok, Larb Mhoo, etc… just thinking about these yumminess…

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, wang lang, larb mhoo

Larb Mhoo….Yummm-O

What do you think? Don’t forget to comment and let us know which are your favorite Thai dishes/ snacks.

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