7 common noodle dishes to order at a Thai cooked-to-order place

A big fan for noodle? If you get to be in Thailand these following noodle dishes, from a cooked-to-order restaurant, can’t be missed from your food list. They are ones of the most common menus among locals.

We actually eat these noodle dishes more frequently than Pad Thai since a cooked-to-order restaurant can be found anywhere across Thailand. So, it’s the most convenient and quick meal for lunch.

Let’s check them out!

1. Ma Ma Pad Khee Mao มาม่าผัดขี้เมา

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Spicy level 4/5
What is Ma Ma Pad Khee Mao? Spicy drunken instrant noodle with basil

Many people often confuse this dish with Pad Ka Prao since the ingredients are almost the same. As you might have already know from my previous article, Pad Khee Mao is a drunken Pad Ka Prao which the chef go la la la and toss all the fresh herbs/ chilis he has in the pan and cook this dish.

2. Suki Haeng สุกี้แห้ง

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Spicy level 2/5
What is Suki Haeng? Stir-fried glass noodle with Suki sauce

One of my favorite Thai noodle dishes. The stir-fried glass noodle with morning glory and seafood is seasoned by a special Suki sauce, made with Chinese pink tofu. The result? It’s sweet and spicy. There are many textures within this one dish; crunchiness from the veggies, chewiness from the seafood, and tenderness from glass noodle and egg…. my my I’m drooling now lol

3. Ma Ma Tom Yum ต้มยำมาม่า

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Spicy level 3/5
What is Ma Ma Tom Yum? Tom Yum instant noodle with soup

Feel like having Tom Yum soup without rice? Instant noodle can be the substitute. From a famous restaurant in Sam Yan area, this is one noodle dish Thai people has become popular lately. It’s very easy to make at home with instant noodle (Tom Yum flavor) as well or eating the real Tom Yum instant noodle soup at a cooked-to-order restaurant. Yummy!

4. Macaroni Pad Sauce Ma Khua Ted มักกะโรนีผัดซอสมะเขือเทศ

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Spicy level 0/5
What is Macaroni Pad Sauce Ma Khua Ted? Stir-fried macaroni with ketchup

Some westerners will be like ‘Oh Yuck’ with this noodle dish. lol I know I used to be like that too, even though I’m from Asia. My American often say that ketchup is only for fries, not for everything. But, many Thai people like this stir-fried macaroni with ketchup and shrimp though…it’s sweet and sour…I think it’s like you’re eating Orange Chicken, no? xD

5. Sen Yai Khua Gai เส้นใหญ่คั่วไก่

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Spicy level 0/5
What is Sen Yai Khua Gai? Stir-fried wide rice noodle with chicken

You might have to ask the chef first whether the place has this rice pappardelle. If they do have the rice noodle, you surely can order this Khua Gai. Khua (คั่ว) means to toss. Gai is chicken in Thai. Many restaurants like to add special lye water squid (ปลาหมึกรอบ) to Khua Gai along with chicken, so it gives a new texture and crunchiness.

6. Spaghetti Pad Gaeng Keaw Whaan สปาเก็ตตี้ผัดแกงเขียวหวาน

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Spicy level 3/5
What is Spaghetti Pad Gaeng Keaw Whaan? Stir-fried spaghetti with green curry paste

Some cooked-to-order places even have spaghetti, but don’t try ordering a carbonara though…they probably don’t have the menu. Even if they do, ordering western pasta dishes in a local Thai restaurant isn’t a very good idea. Try this fusion dish and you’ll absolutely want for more.

7. Ma Ma Pad Khai มาม่าผัดไข่

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source image lonely-rooyang.com

Spicy level 0/5
What is Ma Ma Pad Khai? Stir-fried instant noodle with egg

Last but not least, Ma Ma Pad Khai is your alternative choice for fried rice, if you are someone who can’t handle spiciness. This instant noodle dish is very popular among Thai people

Hungry now? :9

Let’s go out and try one of these noodle dished at a cooked-to-order place now and share us your experience here by commenting down below. Let us know what your favorite noodle dish is.

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