TakeMeTour offers a free day trips.

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Why is it free?

These are the day trips from local experts who either would like to get more reviews on their trips or would like to practice their English & meet new friends. This is why they offer their trip for free and ready to spread the world the authentic Thainess.

Do I have to pay anything?

The trip itself is free. Note that, you might still have to pay miscellaneous expense: e.g. lunch, transportation, etc. It varies on each trip. Make sure to check on the trip details for more information.

Safety is our top priority!

Definitely, we know all of our local experts and frequently get in touch with them! Moreover, All of them have verified their photo ID, passport, phone number, home address, and we checked their criminal record. So, you can rest assure while using TakeMeTour.

I want to book now! How do I get started?

Select your favourite trip below. Hurry up! Free trip are sold out fast!

Choose free 1-day trips in/from Bangkok below:

1) Sightseeing along the canal in a boat trip SOLD OUT
2) Enjoy Thai local food and noodles
3) Cycling trip around Bangkok SOLD OUT
4) Asiatique food tour by boat
5) Amazing Tom Yum soup tour SOLD OUT
6) Boxing with BuaKaw (all-time Muay Thai champion) SOLD OUT
7) Visit authentic village outside Bangkok
8) Bangkok old town with real local

Choose other free 1-day trips below:

1) Chanthaburi town tour SOLD OUT
2) Chanthaburi beach tour

3) Travel like a local in Prachuap Khiri Khan SOLD OUT

4) Karnchanaburi Jewels SOLD OUT

5) Ayutthaya in a Nutshell – Day Tour New!



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Invitation Letter

Greeting travelers,

If you have plans to visit Thailand, this is your local call. TakeMeTour would like to introduce you free local day trips in many provinces of Thailand lead by our local experts. These free day trip are listed by local people who would love to meet new friends and to spread the world the authentic Thainess. They are nice and fun-loving and more than ready to make your journey memorable and ,of course, affordable. The trips, themselves are free (note that you still have to pay miscellaneous expense: lunch, transportation, and etc, please check on each trip for more information).

Here are the free local day trips in Thailand you might be interested and enjoy during your stay, please click on each picture to visit our website for more details (itinerary, meeting pints, and etc.)

Walk Around Chanthaburi Town
free trip, takemetour, thailand, local, day tour, day trip is a hidden gem in eastern Thailand. Here you can experience a strong sense of local culture and history at the beautiful temples, markets, and natural parks. W
e will walk through the Old Town of Chantaburi, a beautiful historical neighborhood on the Chanthaburi River that is full of local shops and vendors, then finish our tour at the stunning Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, a large Catholic Church that is walking distance from Old Town.

 See Sea Chanthaburi Beachfree trip, takemetour, thailand, local, day tour, day trip

Chanthaburi is a very interesting district and it has many areas that are mesmerizingly beautiful, with the stunning nature and culture. We will explore around town by bike and enjoy the refreshing air and surrounding and also take a nice walk through a mangrove nature trails at Khung Kraben Bay.

Kuiburi the escapist chosen

free trip, takemetour, thailand, local, day tour, day trip

Kuiburi is a northern district of Prachuap Khiri Khan province. This trip is the best choice for nature and animal lover. If you like to make an exploration to some places, not touristy. and be able to appreciate the atmosphere and the life across the province. Your adventure will be cover at a mountain, a market, and a water reservoir.

Sightseeing along the Mahasawat Canal in the local boat trip

free trip, takemetour, thailand, local, day tour, day tripMahasawat is located approximately 50 kilometres from Bangkok in Nakhon Pathom province. The sightseeing tour to explore local orchards and the way of life along Mahasawat canal is here. You will ride a long-tail boat With Mr. Chai, your friendly Local Expert, to observe the town and enjoy your good vibe. You will be able to join a workshop, making Thai style rice crispy treats, then a choice of shopping at a local floating market or visiting a temple at the end of the trip.

Songlor Two legs Trip

free trip, takemetour, thailand, local, day tour, day trip

Cycling through the rural area and visit a local tourist attraction. Try something new get some new experience and get a new friend.This cycling trip takes only half day and will drop by a local flower market, a famous landmark, 2 temples and 1 church. If you like to cycle around and also appreciate in local religious art this half-day trip will be your favorite.

Try local seafood and noodle

free trip, takemetour, thailand, local, day tour, day trip

Need a change of the mood? Check out this challenging day trip. Our local expert will pick you up at your hotel or bts station. Instead of going to the beach, we will be on an adventure via boat to a mangrove forest, be able to collect some live cockles and shrimps at their residental area, have fresh seafood meals and delicious boat noodles.

Asiatique The Riverfront – food tour by riverside

free trip, takemetour, thailand, local, day tour, day trip

See the Chao Phraya River during night time. Let’s hang out, do some fun things, and eat Thai Food together. If you would like to take stunning pictures of Bangkok at night this trip is you answer. You will be able to capture one of the most astonishing scenes during you lost ride to Asiatique, a famous attraction and shopping centre. 


Tom Yum Only

free trip, takemetour, thailand, local, day tour, day tripTomyum is the king of Thai food !!! and if you are Tomyum crazy we recommend this half-day trip for you. Our local expert, Mr. Tong, love Tomyum so much that he often explores new delicious Tomyum places in Bangkok. He will take you to different restaurant throughout the afternoon to enjoy different types, yet authentic of Tomyum.

Sightseeing Phra Nakorn with Local

free trip, takemetour, thailand, local, day tour, day trip

Travelers who love Thai art and would like to experience and observe Phra Nakorn area, visit many oriental Thai house and temples. This trip is a must. Phra Nakorn is the area on Rattanakosin Island which located on the opposite of Chao Phraya River, Thonburi. You will ride on a boat to observe the surrounding and culture of the island too.

Real old village antique with nice people !!

free trip, takemetour, thailand, local, day tour, day tripDon’t miss !! The Real old village near Bangkok and feel back around 100 years ago with friendly people and native. Let’s take a train trip together! From Bangkok, Hua Lumpong railway station, to Chachaengsao, you will pay a visit to beautiful temples, shopping at an ancient market, and explore many location around town. This trip will make you feel nostalgic and miss your childhood time.