4 Bangkok day trips with cooking lessons you should be joining now

Want to join Thai cooking lessons in Bangkok?

Cooking is one of the coolest choices to learn each country’s culture, especially Thai’s. Many foreign travelers around the world have visited Thailand many times, but never get a chance to really fix some Thai dish themselves. Would it be great if you guys can actually cook some local Thai food when you are here or back to your homeland?

Some travelers have limited time during their stay, so learning local Thai food and desserts during a day trip is more preferable for many experience seekers. Today, I would like to mention 4 day trips from TakeMeTour that offer Thai cooking sessions included for you guys to enjoy, while you are here in Bangkok.


Panaeng4. Kitchen hopping from Bangkok to Saraburi

Spend your free day hopping to Saraburi and learn the authentic Thai food and dessert at our local expert’s place in Saraburi. With approximately an hour and half driving from Bangkok to the province, Ms. Raweewan will pick you up at your hotel to the kitchen and bring you back to your hotel safe and sound at the end of the trip. After lunch, she will teach you how to cook food and dessert from a list (click to see more detail) along with some secret tricks for deliciousness from her family.


Tom Yum Goong3. Let’s cook my mama style’s local Thai food 

Our local expert, Ms. Kantarat, will take you to one of the biggest fresh markets of Thailand to buy some ingredients and start cooking yummy dishes from scratch; choose 3 from Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong, Spicy stir-fry baby clam, Thai-style seafood soup, Garlic prawn, Stir-fry lotus root​, and many more. Feel free to let her know if you have your favourite Thai dishes in mind 😉


ข้าวผัด2. Cycling, Cooking, and Crafting

If you would like to visit the green lung of Bangkok and enjoy some local activities, then, this trip is for you. Miss Jenny, our local expert will take you to Bang Kra Jao district by ferry. You will enjoy many activities; cycling through an evergreen garden, observing birds, visiting Siamese fighting fish museum, cooking Thai dishes, crafting handmade souvenirs, and shopping at a local floating market. Phewww… sound like the best plan ever for a day from dawn ’till dusk? What are you waiting for?


buying ingredients at a local fresh market
1. Real cooking like a real local

Ms. Jekky has opened her kitchen for every experience seeker to participate and learn their favorite Thai dishes. Chef Jekky lets you decide which one of your favorite dishes you will be learning and cooking everything from scratch. She will take you to a local fresh market to buy ingredients, then hit back to the kitchen to start prepping, cooking, and tasting your yummy dishes with your fellow travelers. The cooking methods will be the old traditional style; no gas, only charcoal, clay stove, and clay pot.

As I’ve already mentioned that cooking is one of the best ways to experience the real culture of each country. I’ve picked out these day trips for everyone who want to do something different and learn Thai cooking during your stay in Bangkok. 

Ready to learn the art of Thai cooking?

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Happy Traveling, folks