7 reasons traveling during the wet season in Thailand is the best

The wet season in Thailand has finally arrived which means the low season is here as well. Not many travelers are coming over to Thailand during this period. But, do you know that traveling during the wet season in Thailand is actually the best time? Here are a few reasons why….

1. It doesn’t have many typhoons and hardly has heavy rains in Thailand.

One of the best things that makes many foreigners move to Thailand. Especially during the wet season in Thailand, we don’t have heavy rains or typhoons that often, almost like a few times a year. Heavy rains last for a few minutes or a few hours. Rainy season doesn’t have much different compared to summer. It’s only raining a little more often.

2. Despite its rainy season, it’s not going to rain all day and as often as other countries.

I was so surprised when I first had a chance to live in the US. for a year and found out that every time it’s raining or snowing, no matter how light or heavy it is, it will most likely rain/ snow all day long. Unlike Thailand, sometimes it’s only raining for a few minutes.

3. It’s not going to be that hot outside now, compared to summer in Thailand.

One of my favorite seasons of the year. It’s not because of the rain though… but it gets chiller after the rain. We can’t always expect that winter is going to be any colder than summer, which normally isn’t (especially if you are living in Bangkok.) But, when it’s raining, you can always be sure that the weather is going to be chiller.

4. There are many fun music festivals during this season.

I’m a big fan of EDM music. And, I’ll always find myself broke every time during wet season in Thailand. From a big event like Road to Ultra to smaller events in clubs, you will often find yourself in a dancing venue, if you are big fan of all those famous international DJs.

5. You can also enjoy the beautiful nature of Thailand in its greenest.

Since it rains, you can always be sure that going off the beaten track would be that sad like in Summer. Now, you can enjoy admiring the truth beauty of our mother nature anywhere across Thailand: forests, national parks, hills, local farms, plantations, etc

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6. Thailand during the wet season is the best period for delicious fruits.

Following #5, since nature is hydrated and fertile, many local plants and crops are ready to be harvested. The wet season in Thailand is the season of fruits. So, if you are a big fan of our local fruits such as durian, mangosteen, rambutan, and many more you probably know how expensive our local fruits are when you are buying one back in your country (just like when Thai people want to buy raspberries in Thailand. It’s so expensive!). So, never miss a chance to check out Fruit festival and fruit buffets in Pathumthanu, Rayong, Chanthaburi, etc.

7. It’s the low season.

Last but not least, coming over to Thailand is the best travel destination, if you are looking for a perfect place abroad to travel around during this period (June – September). Since it’s the low season, it means there will be fewer tourists and cheaper flight tickets and accommodations.

Let us know which season is your favorite and why by commenting down below!