7 things our local experts can offer you during their day tours in Thailand

And some of the reasons why it is always better for every journey of yours

1. Hospitality

There are many kinds of people in this world; some are good and some are bad. But, our local experts are the kind of people who love travelling, as much as you do of course, and would be more than happy to show you around their hometown or their favorite places. Undoubtedly, these people will surely be the best local guides for your journey here in Thailand.

TakeMeTour local experts in Thailand train market

2. Flexibility

Unlike traditional tours, our local experts are more flexible with both times and places. By chatting with them beforehand, they can definitely find the best solutions and make sure that you are satisfied with their day tours. Stop by each place, spend your quality time there. Enjoy the vibe with no rush!

TakeMeTour local experts in Thailand temple

3. Local Stories

You know not everyone want to hear all the histories which you can just simply look for them on the internet. What’s more important is the local stories that you can only find and learn from the local folks. It shows the real cultural side of that certain community which is more valuable and of course enjoyable.

TakeMeTour local experts in Thailand Chiangmai

4. Convenience

No need to worry how you are going to travel to places or how much money you will need to spend on that day. Your local experts will get them all covered. Follow our awesome guides, and let them show you the rope. You can travel around like a real local; ride a red truck, cycle through back alleys, take a long tailed boat, and etc. Isn’t that way more fin than taking a sky train or subway, right?

TakeMeTour local experts in Thailand red truck

5. Travel advice

Following #4, asking for some local advises is one good thing you can learn from your local expert. You can save more money, travel wiser, get better deals when shopping, attend some cool events and many more.

TakeMeTour local experts in Thailand cycling

6. Scam buster

It’s the ugly truth, but we have to be cooler than them. Sometimes, it’s really hard to avoid these scams since you are new to the country. With your local expert, there will be no more frustration and lame scams. They will protect you from all those trivial stuff that would ruin your beautiful day. Now, you can enjoy your local experiences and learn the real way of Thai living to the core.

TakeMeTour local experts in Thailand ayutthaya

7. Friendship

The most important thing you will definitely love about having a local expert to show you around is the friendship you will have. Imagine this. How awesome would it be to make new local friends who perhaps share the same passions with you. They can teach you many local things and take you places they were born and raised from.

TakeMeTour local experts in Thailand Sam pran

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Let your local footsteps begin with our local experts. Travel like a local and see Thailand through their eyes.