7 wonderful trips to enjoy Bangkok with new friends

Attention all solo backpackers!

Traveling around and finding things to do in Bangkok can be hard some time, when you have to do it solo. Would it be so great if you can make friends with locals or other fellow travelers, so that you and your new friends can share experiences and maybe tag along your journey? But, where can you find these guys at? Is there any fun activities or places for you to join/go while making new friends in Bangkok?

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Let’s check it out!

1. Traditional Thai Dinner and Meeting Event

things to do in bangkok, cooking, bangkok, jekky's homestay

Dinner Time!

Trust me…you don’t want to miss this Saturday event. I’ve been there a couple times already and met many good friends from around the world, and I even hang out with some of the friends I’ve met…a lot.

Mrs. Jekky has opened her kitchen for every experience seeker to participate and learn Thai dishes. She will take you to a local fresh market to buy ingredients, then hit right back to the kitchen to start prepping, cooking, and tasting your yummy dishes with your fellow travelers. The cooking methods will be the old traditional style; no gas, only charcoal, clay stove, and clay pot. This trip is a recommendation for those who seek for a cultural thing to do in Bangkok, while making new friends from around the world.

things to do in bangkok, cooking, bangkok, jekky's homestay

Chilling and drinking after dinner with new friends from around the world

2. Songlor Two legs: Cycling Trip

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, cycling, bicycle, bike

Cycling through town

You will definitely make new friends along with this cycling trip. Cycling through the rural area of Bangkok and visit a local tourist attraction. Experience something new along with new fellow bikers. Our local expert, Mr. Tobie, will show you around and observe local ways of life, see what do they do and spend a good quality time with everyone. You guys will be visiting many interesting places along the journey such as Flower market, Giant Swing, Racha temple, etc.

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, cycling, bicycle, bike, temple

Pay a visit to a temple during the trip

3. Bangkok Tuk Tuk Tour

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, tuk tuk, temple

Having fun on a Tuk Tuk ride with Jekky

Another great day trip with Jekky you will find it very enjoyable. Forget about the lame tuk tuk scam you heard from the internet… Experience the real tuk tuk tour with our local expert, Jekky. She will take you on the 3-wheelers to observe around the old town, then, check out delicious local street foods nearby. She would love to promote a positive vision of Thailand. She wants you guys to encounter the real Bangkok life by Tuk Tuk like a true local. Join this unforgettable, fun, and unique experience with her today ?

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, tuk tuk, temple

Pay a visit to famous temples of Bangkok

4. Muay Thai Hardcore

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, muaythai, boxing

Learning Muay Thai with a pro

Over a decade, our local expert, Mr. Tong, has been working as receptionist for Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. This trip is absolutely a must-to-do when you finally get to visit Bangkok, especially, If you are a fan of Thai boxing and would love to get trained/experienced like other professional boxers for a day. The sweet part of this trip is that you can have dinner with all the boxers of the camp and share each other’s experiences and passions in Muay Thai.

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, muaythai, boxing

Your session starts now!

4. Bang Kra Jao 3C Trip; Cycling, Cooking and Crafting

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, tie-dye, craft, cook. cycling, bicycle, bang ka jao

Cycling through Bangkok’s Green Lung

Bang Kra Jao is the best place to go and make local and foreign friends. Bang Kra Jao is actually in Samut Prakarn province, but it takes only 10 – 15 mins to reach there by boat. The locals of Bang Kra Jao are so sweet. Other fellow bikers are fun. This trip will be perfectly perfect for anyone who seek to feel the less-busy environment and the real local community.

Need a change of your mood? From the crowded area of Bangkok to the green lung, called Bang Kra Jao, you will be cycling, cooking, and crafting throughout this special day trip. Our local expert will meet you at a BTS station, then take you to Bang Kra Jao via bus and ferry. You will be cycling through parks and gardens, observing beautiful birds, and visiting Siamese fighting fish museum in the morning. After having lunch (which you will be learning how to cook a Thai dish,) you will join a crafting session, choosing either Aromatic Joss Sticks, Tie-Dye, or Puang Ma Hod (Ceremony Decoration)…..phew….lol there are still many more activities to do in the afternoon….please check out the link above or click on the picture for more detail of this day trip.

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, tie-dye, craft, cook. cycling, bicycle, bang ka jao

Making a tie-dye handkerchief


5. Cycling and Eating at Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, cycling, bicycle, bike, park

Cycling through Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park

This is another great day trip of Bang Kra Jao. I really want to encourage you guys to go there once, when you are here in Bangkok. Not only it’s more quite and beautiful, but also it’s so easy to reach there. Spend a quality time cycling all day in peaceful parks and gardens like Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park And Botanical Garden. Stop by a riverside market, Bang Nam Phueng Market and try some street food and buy local handmade stuffs.​ For dinner, our local expert will take you back in town and have a nice dinner together.

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, food, street food, local

Eating a yummy street food


6. Pippo’s BKK Coffee Tour

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, coffee lover, coffee, cafe

Coffee hopping with Mr. Pippo

Anyone loves coffee…and there are tons of coffee shops in Bangkok… How would you know which one is the real local/ good cafe? Well…If you love coffee hopping, like me, I would recommend this trip for you. Mr. Pippo, our friendly local expert, will take to the 5 best coffee shops in Thonglor and Ekami area. You will definitely have a great time talking and sharing your coffee experience with new friends.

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, coffee lover, coffee, cafe



7. Craft Your Pottery and Chill out with Craft Beer

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, koh kred

Beautiful scenery of Koh Kred

Enjoy your beautiful day at Koh Kred, an island in the Chao Phraya River located only 20 km away from Bangkok, with our local expert, Mr. Pick. Take a quick escape for a day from the busy districts. Ride a boat to Ko Kred, This trip is a perfect fit for anyone who want to chill out and observe a local community and its surrounding. Explore the less-crowded environment, and chill out with local craft beers.

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, koh kred, boat

Enjoy riding boat along the river