7 interesting things you can do in Bangkok

(rather than visiting Buddhist temples, shopping in a mall or clubbing)

Want to try something new? But, don’t know what other things you could do here in Bangkok….

In the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok, travelers usually pay a visit to many famous Buddhist temples, shop at a big mall like Paragon and Central World, and end up drinking or clubbing in Khao San. These activities become a bit too cliche now. It’s definitely a good thing to do when you want to visit temples to see the gloriously beautiful art and the religion, eating Thai street foods, shopping for souvenirs, then hit a pub in Silom for a couple drinks, but….that’s it?

If you have limited time to explore Thailand and are able to stay only in town. Here are the lists of what else you could do and enjoy when you are in Bangkok.

1. Explore different types of Thai markets

Not only just floating markets, but other kinds like umbrella market, night markets, and train markets are what youngsters are into right now. You should check out Ratchadapisek Train market, JJ Green, and others to discover what/where Thais are up during the weekend. There are also market happenings like ArtBox Bangkok, Farmers’ market, and etc for you to eat good foods and make new friends.
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Train Market


2. Join Thai cooking class

I personally think that it’s quite a cool idea whenever travelers, or even myself, make a journey abroad, and be able to learn how to cook their traditional dishes, so when you are here, do join a cooking class whether it’s a short period course or a day course is totally up to you. Don’t you think it’s quite sad when you finally found a certain Thai dish you love so much, but you have no idea how to make it?
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Thai cooking class with Jekky

3. Play sports with local friends

There are so many sports you can participate, pick one of your favourite or try something new. You can do Thai boxing, wake boarding, playing golfcycling, in-door surfing, skating and many more here in Bangkok, and hey, these sports I’ve mentioned are the trends right now, so not only you can enjoy your sports, but also you will be able get to know more people both foreigners and Thais.
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Muay Thai boxing session


4. Visit a museum

Going to an art museum is always one of the best choices to observe and learn Thai art. BACC is one of the best choices for you to visit since it’s right at BTS skytrain, National Stadium station. There are other museums like Royal Thai Air Force museum, artists’ housesa live museum, etc.
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Art gallery

5. Go on a boat trip

Explore Thainess along the Chao Phra Ya river or other canals is the shortcut I suggest you to try, if you would like to look around Bangkok and don’t want to be frustrated by the traffic during rush hours. There are many hotel cruises which offer nice dinner while enjoy the stunning view of Bangkok at night too.
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Speed boat tour


6. Find a workshop of your interest.

Nowadays, Thai people like to join many workshops of their favourite to learn new things, to socialize, to share experiences, and to make new friends There are many workshop activities for you to enter for example, tie-dye clothing, latte art, dancing, carving, pottery, etc. I think these workshop are very nice and something we should do if we participate during your trip. The hard part is that you don’t know where to start and join them. If you have local friends then its a plus, if not, I think you can still look up on the internet, but you need to at least know what you would like to do or to learn.
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Pottery workshop

7. Watch plays

Last but not least, Thai traditional music and plays are neat and you should see some, but isn’t it also a cooler and nicer way if we can watch modern plays too? Joe-Louis puppet theatre, Muay Thai Live, and Calypso are the most popular shows for travelers, even these are a little cliche for this topic. They are very nice and recommended.

Traditional Thai puppet show

What do you think? there are still many things to do in Bangkok. Comment and share us your thoughts about what you think you want to do while you are here.
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