5 Hidden Gems for Your Unique Ayutthaya Tour

 5 Hidden Gems for Your Unique Ayutthaya Tour

Famous ancient city of Ayutthaya is, still, alive even after hundreds of years. Drawn by the romance of its history, tourists, worldwide, travel to admire unparalleled beauty it has to offer. As an old capital of Siam which hosted many battles and was eventually burned down, some believers said it was haunted by ghosts of the past. Truth or not, the world heritage is unarguably one of the most precious places to visit in a lifetime. Thus, don’t hesitate, your Ayutthaya tour begins now!

1. Wat Mahathat – The wonder of history

Wat Mahathat – The wonder of history

Located in the east of Wat Phra si sanphet near Patan bridge ruin, Wat Mahathat can be reached easily that your Ayutthaya tour should definitely cover this place. The historical monument welcomes tourists daily from 8.30 to 18.00 hour.

At Wat Mahathat, the one thing you certainly do not want to miss is Buddha’s head sinking in Bodhi tree’s root. It is a wonder of natural creation which becomes the signature of Ayutthaya. Ruins of the place are as well astonishing as if you can hear echoes of history when walk by. Despite built over 600 years ago, the ruins are in good condition which allows people to fall in the memories by being a part of them.

How to make it even more special:  Key attractions in Wat Mahathat will be spotlighted after 19.00 hrs. which provides a spectacular view. You might want to find a local person with private car to tag along for an ease of mind at night. Additionally, if you want something more epic, a special event will be organized in early December of every year featuring historical performances and fireworks.


2. Bang Pa-In Royal Palace – The floating palace with touch of nature

 Ayutthaya Tour - Bang Pa-In Royal Palace

Bang Pa-In Royal Palace is near Bang Pa-In train station not far from Wat Chum Pol Nikayaram. It is only 70 km. from Bangkok which you should include it in your Ayutthaya tour.

The palace embraces architectures from several cultures consisting of Europe, Thai and Chinese which perfectly harmonize altogether to show its classical elegant. The atmosphere in the area is very pleasant with the cool wind blowing pass and shading from trees. If you, however, are not feeling like walking, golf carts are available for renting.

How to make it even more special: You can enjoy feeding fish and turtles at Tair pavilion.


3. Million Toy Museum – A passionate dream comes true

Ayutthaya Tour Million Toy Museum

Photo by japrowitz

The million toy museum is at tambol Tha Wa Su Kri near Pratuchai junction. Like any other place in your Ayutthaya tour, it is not hard to find. You can travel by both personal and public transportation.

The museum was established after a dream of the owner, Krirk Yoonpun who was passionate about collecting toys. The building has 2 floors full of the antique toy from different eras and countries. Some toys themselves represent stories of Thai former periods such as Sukhothai or Ayutthaya. Also, classical objects are exhibited along with the toys to show the origin of ideas to new generations.

How to make it even more special: On weekends from 10.00 to 11.30 hours, the museum will hold activities for kids including kids’ painting, crafting and story hour which your children can participate.


4. Ayothaya Floating Market – The Thai traditional lifestyle


The Ayothaya Floating Market is on 60 Rai area not far from Wat Maheyong. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ayutthaya which is why you should consider putting this place in your Ayutthaya tour.

The floating market has many activities to suit your preferences. You can take a boat trip to sightseeing the floating market from a different perspective, enjoying shopping traditional merchandises or tasting delicious food from boat vendors. Please note that price can vary for the same products, so going with the local expert isn’t a bad idea at all. There are historical performances for you to enjoy as well if you are interested.

How to make it even more special: The market is in the same area as Ayutthaya Elephant Village which allows you to ride an elephant to view a part of the ancient city.


5. Kung Mae Nam Phao – Best when grilled

Ayutthaya Tour - Grilled King River Prawn

As you may notice, this is not a place but food. Grilled Giant River Prawn (Kung-Mae-Nam-Phao or shortly called Kung-Phao) is a famous Ayutthaya dish which you do not want to miss in your Ayutthaya tour. Almost every restaurant in the province features this kind of food, but locals know it best. The taste is very rich and tender, yet perfectly unique. After the first plate, you may find yourself irresistible to order another.

How to make it even more special: Some restaurants serve the dish with a sauce or you can just ask for one. It really spices thing up and takes you to another level.

Now you know where to head and what to do in your Ayutthaya tour. However, there are tons of place outside this list that you can visit and discover their extraordinary on your own as the ancient ruins may hold secrets lie within their hundreds of years history.