5 Famous Locations to Celebrate Songkran Festival in Bangkok

Celebrating Songkran in Bangkok is one of the best things to do in Thailand, but there’s more to it than just wild water fights. Don’t forget to discover the traditional side of Songkran with our timeless guide by locals, Songkran Festival: The Ultimate Guide to Thai New Year and Thai Water Festival.

The Thai New Year or Songkran is always crazy, and we’re all looking forward to join this massive water festival in Bangkok every year. Many roads are closed. Numerous clubbing venues, pubs and restaurants turn themselves into the water battlefields overnight. How exciting does that sound? I bet you just can’t wait to celebrate Songkran in 2020!

Planning to celebrate Songkran in Bangkok? If so, look no further! Here are 5 of the most popular places to celebrate Songkran festival in Bangkok!

1. Khao San Road

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Due to the preparations for King Rama X’s coronation in 2019, celebrations on Khao San Road was more moderate. Roads and buildings in the Rattanakosin Island (including Khaosan Road) was decorated for the coronation in May 2019. In 2020, however, the wild water fights should be back in full swing!

Even if there might be no foam parties and EDM stages, Khao San Road is still well and truly open for all Songkran celebrators to splash about!

Having been one of the most legendary destinations to celebrate Songkran in Bangkok for more than four decades, it’s no surprise that the legendary Khao San Road is on this list. Celebrating Songkran in 2020 at Khao San Road is one of the things you must try!

Newcomers would keep joining and filling the road way into the night. Its eclectic charm and atmosphere certainly makes it a much-beloved place to celebrate Songkran for both locals and foreigners.

Pros: Tourists’ most popular choice/ No entrance fee/ Nearby BTS skytrain stations: Chong Nonsri and Saladaeng

Cons: Need to be extra careful for pickpockets

2. Silom Road

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Similarly to Khao San Road, Songkran celebrations in Silom was toned down in 2019. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to reload your water guns elsewhere in 2020. Silom Road still welcomes everyone to celebrate, but we will have to follow the news on the prospect of any EDM or foam parties in Silom for Songkran this year.

Silom is located right in Bangkok’s CBD. As a result, you’ll see many kinds of people from different ages ranging from children and their parents, employees, and even night workers. At noon, people start to gather up and celebrate.

From my personal experience, the only downside to celebrating Songkran in Silom is that there can be a lot of people, and when I say a lot, it really is A LOT. Also, teens are often the ones who get robbed during the water fight. Many people, especially guys, believe it or not, are most likely to be groped by strangers. Weird, huh!

Pros: Locals’ most popular choice/ No entrance fee/ Nearby BTS skytrain stations: Chong Nonsri and Saladaeng

Cons: Need to be extra careful for pickpockets

3. RCA

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For those who are looking to dance at the wildest Songkran parties in Bangkok in 2020, RCA is the place to be! Every year, it holds the coolest events combining clubbing and water fights together. Each club brings you your favorite DJs/ singers, both international and Thai to their own yards.

The biggest event in RCA is called S20 Songkran festival, where they have different DJ lineups for 3 nights, so you will feel like you are in a music + water festival. If you love partying, give RCA a chance, and you will thank us later!

F.Y.I., early birds catch the worms, as Thais often go to reserve tables around 4-5 p.m. because all the tables will be booked and taken as fast as a blink of an eye. Trust me, if you are going to an event of this kind with your mates, you need to be there early to get a table. Your lives would be much easier and very convenient during the party!

Pros: Party lovers’ most popular choice/ Age 20+

Cons: Entrance fees are varied depending on each club, venue, and DJ lineup/ Hard to catch a taxi or motorcycle when leaving

4. Siam

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Siam is not only known for all the huge, famous department stores, but Siam is also the main hub for tutoring schools. As a result, you’ll find tons of teens celebrating Songkran in Siam area. During the water festival, only the big malls in the area such as Siam Paragon, Siam Center, MBK, and Central World are open. However, all the shops and tutoring schools in Siam Square (locals called it a no air-con/ hot zone) are closed so that visitors can enjoy the fun to the max!

Pros: Teens’ most popular choice/ No entrance fee/ Nearby BTS Siam Station

Cons: Need to be extra careful for pickpockets

5. Ratchada Soi 4

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Located nearby MRT Rama 9 station and not too far from RCA, Ratchadapisek Soi 4 is another clubbing venue turned into water fight parties. It’s just like RCA, but with more affordable prices for entrance fees and drinks. The venue is packed with party animals and crazy dancers. If you are tired of the crowd in RCA, then Ratchada Soi 4 is your perfect alternative!

Pros: Party lovers’ choice/ Nearby MRT Rama 9 Station/ Age 20+

Cons: Entrance fees are varied depend on each club, venue, and DJ lineup/ Hard to catch a taxi or motorcycle when leaving

So, what is your plan for celebrating Songkran in Bangkok in 2020? Even though I’ve mentioned these 5 all-time favorite places for Bangkokians, you can join the festival in almost every corner of Thailand. Do check out the 5 Amazing Cities to Celebrate Songkran in Thailand.

Let us know in the comments section, and share your thoughts about your favorite Songkran water festival experience in Bangkok!

Have a fun and safe Songkran!