11 Things To Do In Hat Yai That You Can’t Miss

When people want to visit Thailand, they always head to Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai. Have you ever wondered where else is worth going? We’re here to recommend you Hat Yai which is the largest district in Songkhla province and considered as a mini Bangkok. Moreover, it’s a charming town with night markets, hip cafes and delicious food. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve listed the top things to do in Hat Yai below:

1. Visit an iconic symbol of Songkhla

Samila beach is one of things to do in Hat Yai. It's a must-visit landmark in Hat Yai
Samila Beach is a must-visit landmark in Hat Yai

Samila beach is clean with soft sand, and there are plenty of things to do while you’re there. Take a photo with the Golden Mermaid Statue which is an iconic symbol of Songkhla. Moreover, it’s believed that touching the mermaid statue will bring you good fortune for relationships. Also, don’t forget to go horse riding and kite sailing. If you want the easiest time getting there, we recommend going with a local

2. Explore Charming Songkhla old town 

Walk around charming Songkhla old town, one of the best things to do in Hat Yai
It’s worth strolling around Songkhla old town

Walk around Songkhla old town and admire the history! This attraction should not miss from your things to do in Hat Yai. Many street arts, cafes, old heritage buildings are in Songkhla old town. If you love taking photos, this place is for you. You will find a perfect shot there. While you’re there, don’t forget to go to the Chinese colonial-style building. There, you will find a collection of Chinese furniture. Explore Songkhla old town with a local and admire the history that Songkhla old town has to offer.

3. Admire the 3rd largest reclining buddha in the world

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Hat Yai Nai temple is known for its 36-meter-long reclining Buddha statue which is also the 3rd largest reclining buddha in the world. The temple complex itself is beautiful. You will get to see pavilions with pillars and Thaistyle roof. Hat Yai Nai Temple is quiet and locals often go to pray there. People always include this temple to their things to do in Hat Yai when they’re there. If you go there with a local, you will get to know the history of Hat Yai Nai temple

4. Enjoy the mix of Central and Southern Thai cultures

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Hat Yai Floating Market offers a wide variety of delicious food with cheap prices. Also, you can find clothes and souvenirs. Here, the sellers use bamboo tubes, coconut shells, and clay pots instead of using plastic bags. Moreover, This market is suitable for Muslims because most vendors sell Halal food. Visiting Hat Yai Floating Market is one of the things to do in Hat Yai.

5. Be amazed at the seven-tier waterfall

Ton Nga Chang waterfall is beautiful and People is considered it as one of things to do in Hat Yai
Tong Nha Chang is one of the longest stretching waterfalls

Ton Nga Chang is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the south and one of the longest stretching waterfalls. It should add to your things to do in Hat Yai because of its beauty. This waterfall has seven levels and it’s the place for adventurous people. Be sure to reach the top of the waterfall and see the stunning view. If you would like to avoid the crowd, It’s best to come here on the weekdays. For the easiest time getting there and exploring the waterfall, going with a local is the best choice. Some

6. Buy imported products and snacks at a cheap price 

One of the top things to do in Hat Yai is to do shopping at Hat Yai Kim Yong Market
Hat Yai Kim Yong Market is famous for its cheap imported products

One of the top things to do in Hat Yai is going shopping at Hat Yai Kim Yong Market. People come here to buy imported snacks from Malaysia and Singapore. Here, a lot of snacks are cheaper than the rest of Thailand. Also, you can find a variety of imported products from clothes, make-up, perfume, fruits, snacks, nuts, and food. 

7. Be at peace in Hat Yai Municipal Park

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Want to escape the bustle of the city? Hat Yai Municipal Park is quiet and peaceful. Even if this place is quiet, we always add it to our Things to do in Hat Yai list. The panoramic view from there is something you can’t miss when you’re in Hat Yai. Also, Instagrammable points are around there and waiting for you to explore. You can either take the cable car with a local or drive by yourself to get there. We advise visiting in the early morning as the weather is still cool and windy.

8. Visit local’s seafood farm

One of things to do is visit Yo island and explore seafood farming
Take a long-tail boat to explore seafood farming

Yo Island is a popular island when people travel to Hat Yai. It’s 20 kilometers away from Songkhla. When you’re there, you should try the classic Salapao (classic bun) and Thai-style dim-sum. Here, many locals do seafood farming. It’s fun to take a long-tail boat to the farmer’s community. Come to enjoy the scenery and you can even go snorkeling or swimming too! If you want to explore the local’s seafood farm, this attraction shouldn’t miss from your things to do in Hat Yai list.

9. Eat and Shop at Asean Night Bazaar 

Asean night bazaar has 2 levels. The first level is for shopping and the second level is food heaven. You can find a variety of food at reasonable prices. You can find clothes and souvenirs too. Food stalls also sell halal food. Practice your bargaining skills here, and you won’t regret trying it. Come early to avoid the crowd. Food lover and shopping lover note this place, you must add this to things to do in Hat Yai list.

10. Enjoy eating with a wide selection menus

Greenway night market is the life-style market in Hat Yai you can’t miss. It’s also the largest food venue in town. Here, you will find a wide range of delicious food from popular local food to international food dishes. Also, you can buy Thai interesting products such as clothes, bags, shoes or even jewelry.

11. Discover Thailand’s Taj Mahal

Take limited photos at Songkhla Central Mosque! It's one of the best things to do in Hat Yai
Check out Songkhla Central Mosque, it is a popular destination in Hat Yai

It’s a huge and impressive mosque. If you want to go somewhere peaceful, Songkhla Central Mosque is the place. It’s also called Taj Mahal by the locals. You can take many photos outside. If you would like to snap Songkhla Central Mosque reflected in the water, we recommend you to go there around 5:00 pm. Explore its history and significance with a local for the most worthwhile experience there.

Did you know that you can explore Hat Yai in one day? Moreover, It covers Hat Yai attractions that you can’t miss. If you come with a local expert, you will get a truly local experience. Also, if you’re interested to travel like a local in Thailand, we also have the 7 best advice for you from locals.