10 Local Pattaya Things To Do (Besides Visiting the Walking Street)

What else could be your Pattaya things to do rather than sunbathing by Pattaya beach and drinking beers?

1. Go cafe hopping

Coffee lovers, anyone? It’s not only Bangkok and Chiang Mai, but Pattaya is also another city that has many cool cafes waiting for you to check out. A serious coffee drinker like myself will never skip cafe hopping for all the interesting Pattaya things to do!

Pattaya Things To Do

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2. Walk around Nong Nooch Garden

Not many people know about this place since it’s located a little further away from Pattaya (approximately 20 minutes of driving). Nong Nooch Botanical Garden offers a stunning alternative from Walking Street and other well-explored places. If you’re looking for Pattaya things to do, the garden is definitely worth visiting.

Pattaya Things To Do

3. Get lost in the majestic Sanctuary of Truth

If you are in Pattaya or nearby, you definitely have to visit this place. Exploring around this Sanctuary of Truth is absolutely one of the best Pattaya things to do. Enjoy the day observing the site, participating in local activities, and checking out their woodcraft workshop.

Pattaya Things To Do

4. Chill out at Na Klua Beach

Pattaya is famous for its walking street and the beach. However, they can be overcrowded. If you are looking for Pattaya things to do and a quality time on the beach, then Na Klua Beach is the one for you. It’s more beautiful and also less touristy there. One of the underrated Pattaya beaches, travelers often go there to enjoy some water activities and enjoy the serene vibe.

Pattaya Things To Do

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5. Go snorkeling and explore the underwater world

Traveling in Pattaya doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stay on the land, right? Let’s add more Pattaya things to do and go snorkeling on nearby islands like Coral Island and Sak Island. There’s no need to travel all the way down south. You can explore the underwater world and discover some beautiful sea creatures right here near Bangkok!

Pattaya Things To Do

6. Check out Pattaya’s iconic viewpoint

If you’re looking for Pattaya things to do, checking out this place is highly recommended. There is a chic cafe at the viewpoint where you can enjoy drinking a good cup of coffee while watching the gorgeous panoramic view of Pattaya and its shore. The site is located on Phra Tamnak Mountain, where you can also do some soft trekking up to the point if you’re on the adventurous side.

Pattaya Things To Do

7. Cycle around Silver Lake Vinyard

If Singha Park is the place to be in Chiang Rai, Silver Lake Vineyard is the Pattaya equivalent. You can enjoy your quality time there by cycling around and participating in a winery workshop as if you are in the West!

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8. Pay respect at Khao Chee Chan 

Not very far from Silver Lake Vineyard lies Khao Chee Chan. Khao Chee Chan was engraved with a Buddha image and bestowed to His Majesty King Rama IX during his 50th year of coronation. Yannasingwararam Temple is located right next to Khao Chee Chan. Apart from its beautiful architecture, the temple focuses mainly on Buddhist practices and a sustainable way of life.

Pattaya Things To Do

9. Lift up your spirit in Bang Phra Reservoir

A tranquility of one’s mind can be found in this very place. Bang Phra Reservoir is surrounded by greenery. The atmosphere is very beautiful, and it makes you realize how simple your life can be. Enjoy cycling around the place, have a picnic with your homemade dishes, and enjoy bird-watching while you’re there!

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10. Go offshore to Koh Lan

Here’s a fun way to escape from the busy, overcrowded Pattaya. Take a boat ride from Bali Hai pier, and you will reach Koh Lan before you know it. One of my favorite things to do there is beach-hopping by renting a local motorbike and driving around the island. This is one of the best ways to discover your favorite hidden beach(es) around Koh Lan island.

Pattaya Things To Do

Originally written by Kate

Edited by Jug on July 26, 2019