5 Exceptional Ways for a quality day at a Floating Market

Coming over to Thailand? I bet you guys probably do your good research and know that visiting a floating market is a must-not-miss, right? Exploring a local lifestyle and all the yumminess at a floating market is one of the best way to enjoy your local getaway.

But, hey! There are a few activities you might enjoy more than just walking and eating at a floating market though…

What kind of the awesome things you shouldn’t miss at a floating market then?

1. Gazing upon Fireflies – Enchanted stars within your reach

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As good as it may sound; you can enjoy watching these little light bulbs and its surroundings. With tiny stars filling the air along with the sound of the canal, relaxation will truly ease your mind and body. The night sky, then, enhance the atmosphere harmonizing with a background of the local environment creating the best moment to be captured in your memory.

Where to: If you are interested in this magical activity, just head for the Amphawa Floating Market. The destination is located in Samut Songkhram province which can be reached by highway number 35. There are various boat providers waiting to serve your need together with a lot of activities to participate and food to enjoy from.

How the local do it: Besides the floating market, Amphawa district contains numerous attractions awaiting to be discovered. It may be a good idea to visit those places during the day and return by dusk.


2. Dining On A Boat – Immerse yourself in this Thai period scene

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Savory meals in local boat vendors is no ordinary thing. Through the exotic dining location, you can enjoy Thai traditional food along canals. Whatever you’d like to taste or whichever Thai dishes you can’t miss, it will be surely to your liking.

Where to: To enjoy the boat meals, it is not necessary to travel afar, but only in the heart of Bangkok itself. Kwan-Riam Floating Market is inspired by a Thai romantic-drama film, known as a Thai version of Romeo and Juliet.

How the local do it: From 7.30 to 8.00 am, there will be a Thai tradition ceremony which people offer food to monks. The ceremony for the market is more special than others for the monk will join by boats.


3. Strolling in the past – Leap back to the 150-year past

floating market, bang phli, samut prakarn

credit painaidii.com

Stepping into a 150-year-old market, you can hear voices of the past hidden inside. Its wooden floor will creak at every step releasing the scent of long-encapsulated histories. Shops and stores descend the unbroken will of people for generations. Handmade merchandises are well-crafted reflecting the wisdom of ancestors.

Where to: Bang Phli Floating Market is on the canal side of Wat Bang Phli Yai Nai in Samut Prakan.

How the local do it: During Thai important religious weekend, boat services are available to nine temples. It is believed that if you worship all the nine in one day, best fortune will bless you.


4. Enjoying your crafty moment – DIY it all like a local

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credit the-lovist.com

Apart from eating away all deliciousness from a floating market,  exploring its neighborhood and enjoying local activities is a must. Looking for some activities or things that are unique and personalized?

Where to: Forget what you have seen at any other markets because you just can’t miss this one floating market and its community in Samut Prakan province. Bang Kra Chao district is one of my favorite places, known as Bangkok’s Green Lungs, where many fun activities and friendly folks await. Now you can learn some local handcrafts and enjoy your chilling day like no others. 😉

How the local do it: Venture into a small alley right across Bang Nam Phueng floating market. You will reach a small workshop where you can learn tie-dyed clothing and aromatic incense making.


5. Participating in the ancient war of Suriyothai – Bear the Hearts of the Fearless Warriors

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credit armytour.go.th

Marching through the warring-state movie scene, a sense of a Thai soldier emerges. Not only you can enjoy traditional Thai performances, but you can also suit up antique armors and weapons with the undying knowledge of the classical warfare. 😉

Where to: Surasi Military Camp floating market is in a Thai Army vicinity of Kanchanaburi province. Many tourists constantly pay the place a visit for it is not very far from Bangkok. Various Food stores and souvenir shops are also available on the market.

How the local do it: Other zones inside the army camp are also tourist attractions. Besides, you may want to bring a group of friends to enjoy activities such as paintball or artificial rock wall.