11 things NOT to do on Chinese New Year in Thailand


Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Chinese New Year! 

TakeMeTour would like to express our gratitude to everyone who have been supporting us. To start a new year with a good luck, it’s our Thai-Chinese tradition not do these certain things on Chinese New Year day.

Let’s see what we have here

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1. Doing House Chores

Why? From the old time, Chinese people have always been working hard every day without a day off. They believe that it’s a good omen not to do any chores on Chinese New Year. It’s kind of a symbol of not going through all the hardship during the year. Thai-Chinese children always have been told by their grandmas that ‘Sweeping the floor will sweep all the luck out of the house.’

2. Washing and Cutting Hair

Why?  It’ll wash away our prosperity and wealth. Thai people and Chinese people from the ancient era will only cut their hairs when they would like to become monks or when there’s a tragic event such as a funeral.

3. Using Sharp Utensils

Why? Every Thai-Chinese family will avoid using anything sharp on the days by preparing their meals or things that will need to be cut beforehand. By using sharp utensils, it’s sign to cut down all good luck out of your life.

4. Wearing Black or White Clothes

Why? Such a terrific day like New Year. Thai-Chinese will wear red for as a sign of a good luck. Black and white clothes  are used for a tragic event which, they believe, will bring bad omen to their families. 

5. Lending Money

Why? Lending money to someone on Chinese New Year will only bring more and more borrowers to them. And, if they owe money to someone there will be troubles on their finance all year long. 

6. Crying

Why? Weeping to start a new year is not a good beginning, isn’t it?

7. Breaking Stuff in Your House

Why? This one believe has always been an old saying of Thai and Chinese people. When something is broken in their house, bad things might have happened to their family members or your love ones. It’s a sign for unfortunate events that might come to break the bonds of their families

8. Saying Bad Words and Cursing

Why? Actually, it doesn’t matter, if it’s a New Year day or not. You can be as polite as you would like or talk behind someone else as much as you please. To start off a new year, people believe that saying something nice and be kind will bring joy and luck to them. On the other hand, swearing and saying something impolitely on Chinese New Year day would bring a bad luck to your life all year long.

9. Going into other people’s bedrooms

Why? We think this one is a little weird, but according to the old saying/ tradition of Thai-Chinese people, going into other people’s rooms is not a good thing to do and will bring a bad luck.

10. Buying New Shoes

Why? This believe was derived from one Chinese ethnic group in Thailand, called Chaozhou or Teochew. Shoes in their language pronounced as ‘Hoi’ which sound is very similar to ‘Hai,’ means to sigh in English. Sighing a lot is not a good omen to begin a year with. It’s like you are stress about something at the beginning of the year (and probably will be during the year).

11. Eating Congee for Breakfast

Why? Congee in Thai is ‘โจ๊ก’ which is pronounced as same as ‘Joke’ in English. So, eating a ‘Joke’ for breakfast on the New Year, for Thai-Chinese people, is like having something that might obstruct your good fortune of the year.

What do you think? Comment and share your thought about these things no to do on Chinese New Year in Thailand. We would love to hear whether you guys have this traditions in your country too.

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Happy Lunar New Year 2016! Hope your have a good time 😉


Cover photo credit from Flickr; torbakhopper