The Secrets (Sound) of Bangkok Street

The Secrets (Sound) of Bangkok Street


“Beep! Beep!” or “Vroom Vroom” is properly the most common sound you can hear while you were walking on a side walk in anywhere in the world especially Bangkok where the traffic is very heavy.

The truth is there are various sound along the streets in Bangkok.  You may had missed it when you visit Bangkok simply because you are in a hurry or you don’t understand Thai language or local context.

Shall we play a game?

Here is some of the most common sound you may had heard or will hear if you are in the town.  If you have been in Bangkok let’s see how many sound is in your collect.  For those who plan to visit the City of Angel (Direct Translation of Thailand capital city) make a check list!

“Sizz Sizz”

Sizzling sound of fried chickens, meat ball or insect vendors etc.  never crease to awake pedestrian’s appetite. Whether it’s is breakfast, lunch or Dinner, you can trust Bangkok street to fill you up with variety foods. It is fast-food which better than ‘Fast-Food’.

“Whiff Whiff”

If you had heard this sound mean you are hitting a jackpot. Why?  It’s not very day of your life that you will meet Thai local graffiti artists, though, it’s depend on when you hear it and where.  If it was in the middle of the night in the middle of a remote area, you sure met the amateur artists.  If it was in daylight either you met the real artists or the very brave amateurs (Spraying the wall is illegal in Thailand without permission).


“Clink Clink”

Thirsty?  Look for old style coffee-vendors then you will hear the sound of tea spoon clinking glass, mixing coffee, cream and sugar.  Ta-da, hot or cold beverage was served.  Try order Thai tea in a plastic bag for extra eye-candy of how the vendor pour it through a sock and a very local style of container.

“Bweee Bweee”

If I can say one word about this word is “move” if two “Move fast”, the tangle wires are sparking. While, you walked along a street looked up and you could see tangle wires on electricity posts, and sometime it sparked.  However, to ease your mind there were rarely report about human being got injure by electrical short, most casualty are birds, rats or squirrels.

“…Than gummlung kao soo borigahn rup fahk hua jai…”

Above is lyric from a famous Thai country song, sang by the blind.  Actually, you can hear them sing every kinds of song and most of their vocal are very good.  They are singing for living.  Sometime, they walk the street alone with a portable microphone, speaker and a tin can, other times they put together a band and performed on a side walk.  Type “วงดนตรีคนตาบอด” or Click


“Knock Knock”

By any chance, you got stuck in traffic at some junctions, you may heard someone knocking on a side window. They were selling  newspapers, fried banana (Kluay Khek) or Thai-flower-garlands.  On the 1 and 16 of each month they will also sell lottery-result- sheet (Raing Ber)


“Woof Woof”

As obvious as it sound, it’s a dog.  Bangkok full of not only stray dogs but cats. Thai dog ex-owner have a tendency to abandon their cats and/or dogs at temples, some of them just left their pet on a street.  Luckily, for some of the dogs and cats was sort of adopted by vendors, motorcycle taxi queue or other kind souls around the area.

What is your score? Anyone nail it all? You can hear these sound through YouTube or Google it, Yes, you can if you missed it the last time you were in Bangkok, I hope you didn’t other local cool things. Get the most out of traveling – Keep your senses wide awake to get the authentic vibe of where you are in – or better yet, travel with the local people to gain the unique experiences.

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