How to Survive Bangkok Footpaths: 5 Things to Steer Clear of (Rainy Season Edition)

Bangkok footpaths under the rain can be a real life version of snakes and ladders even to the locals. We’ve been in such predicaments before and can guarantee that our pavements aren’t the easiest to navigate. We wish you a safer journey, so we’ve gathered a list of 5 things to steer clear of on Bangkok footpaths. Hope this helps save your day (or more accurately, your shoes.)

โพสต์ที่แชร์โดย Tom Sarayut (@sara_t25189) เมื่อ

Level 1: The minesweeper paver bricks

You might have come across a flipping paver brick before, but all you had to do was probably catch your balance. Plus the whoa-ing. Easy, huh?

But now that it rains every other day in Bangkok, a wrong step will most likely cost you your favorite suede shoe. Or your pristine flowy wide leg jumpsuits.

This might require a higher than usual amount of concentration, but think of it as a chance to meditate. We’re serious! Let your mind wander and there you find one foot soaked with who knows what.

Level 2: The dripping leaves, air conditioner tubes, and awnings

This one is even trickier and requires a higher amount of focus.

But focus alone is not enough.

You’ll also need experience, intuition and pure luck. Here’s a small perk, at one point you’ll learn to make peace with the mysterious droplet in your hair and give it the benefit of the doubt. Well, it could be just water.

โพสต์ที่แชร์โดย Krittanai Akawat (@bang6856) เมื่อ

Level 3: The Medusa-hair wires

Contrary to the popular belief that Bangkok has no forest, these Medusa-hair wires are the concrete jungle’s version of vines. These vines also bear large ripe fruits that are ready to explode anytime — the transformers. No, we are joking. But it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Level 4: The ubiquitous dog’s poop

Bangkok is full of street dogs and cats, as well as their poops. The poops are acceptable to a certain point when it’s not raining. However (sorry for the graphic content), rain soaked poops are a whole different story. So while trying to skip the minesweepers, keep an eye out for the small yet mighty thingy right beside your feet.

Level 5: The super splash from the cars

Bangkok’s drainage system is reliable for its magical ability to turn the roads into little black streams. So it’s not uncommon to experience ‘the splash’ in various magnitude. The only thing you can do is to try to keep on the inner side of Bangkok footpaths and hope for the best.