7 reasons why you should have a local guide in Thailand

Traveling abroad by yourself can be a little hard to do so… The culture is different and the language is different too. Sometimes, having a local guide (we often call a ‘local expert’) to show you around places is definitely the great thing. Here are the reasons why you should have a local guide in Thailand.

1. Language barrier? No worries.


Not many people in Thailand can speak English which is why having a local guide in Thailand is beneficial while exploring around. Even though you are able to communicate using your body language, let the local guide help you out surely is way more convenient.

2. Never get lost again…


Unlike any other countries in Europe or America, there are so many alleys in Thailand which names are hard to remember or pronounce. Sometimes, using Google Map isn’t really helpful too. Having a local guide is again very convenient. If you guys happen to be lost in the middle of somewhere you both aren’t familiar at all he or she can still manage to be right on track.

3. Taste the best/ authentic Thai food


Who’d know where the best Thai food is serve at if it isn’t Thai folks? By getting around places by yourself, you pretty much end up buying food randomly from street vendors or from 7-11, but if a local guide is there you will get to taste the best/authentic Thai food or even learn how to cook some Thai dishes.

4. Get around like a pro


Many travelers prefer to take Tuk Tuk or public bus just because they want to really experience and observe the local culture and way of life, while some people don’t. Whether public or private transportations, your local guide can arrange that for you.

5. No more getting ripped off


Following what I’ve mentioned in #4, when you want to go somewhere via Tuk Tuk or Taxi in Thailand, no one could say that they are/ aren’t going to ripped you of somehow since you’re a foreign traveler. It’s a bitter truth. If you are a local guide in Thailand, they will arrange all the things for you. Now, there is no need to worry about getting overcharged or being scammed.

6. Save your money


Why is traveling with a local guide saving you money? This is really simple. Since you are here (especially for the first-timer), you pretty much know about all the touristy places you need to check out and some local places you’ve seen in TripAdvisor. In reality, you probably don’t know much about the average price Thai people pay at certain things; foods, drinks, clothes, etc. You might think it’s still cheap (in your currency,) but it’s better to buy/ pay what you actually should just like Thai peoples, right? That’s why/when a local guide is needed the most.

And, who’s know you guys might be good friends after the day tour and your local guide decide to show you around for free just like a real friend would do?

7. Learn the local stories


All of those I’ve mentioned from #1 to #6, the most important point I would like to express about is local stories. Why? Because I strongly believe that there are many kinds of travelers, yet, they are here in Thailand only to meet their same kinds and travel like that; folks who come with a tour agency only visit places from the fixed program or backpackers travel with backpackers. You guys would only know things here from your kinds’ perspectives. You will learn and appreciate your journey more, only when you travel with a local guide in Thailand. It’s not only about the places you go or things you do here, but the stories behind each place or each thing here will make the difference.

Traveling is easy because everyone can do that. But, traveling to learn culture differences and appreciate the diversity life makes every single trips of yours unique and unforgettable.

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