Cooling Powder: History & How-to

Have you ever heard of “cooling powder”?

Cooling Powder Prickly Heat

Summer has come and everyone in Thailand is looking for a way to ease the heat. One of the classic ways for Thais to cool down has been around for almost a century: cooling powder.

The History of Cooling Powder

In 1932, Doctor Luan Wongwanich bought a pharmacy business and introduced a skin lotion with cooling capabilities. It became an instant hit in the cosmetics market for its unique fragrance and cooling effects. Later on, he introduced another new product: the world’s first-ever cooling powder. The powder can help ease heat rashes associated with living in a hot and humid place like Thailand, hence the name “Prickly Heat”.

With its growing popularity, the formula has been improved with time. The packaging has also been changed to the tin can that all Thais have been familiar with for over 60 years.

Cooling Powder After Shower

How to Use Cooling Powder

Now let us share with you some tips and tricks on how to use cooling powder effectively.

      1. If you want to boost the cooling effects, apply the powder on your body when it’s still damp. This will make you feel even cooler than applying when your skin is dry.

2. Apply the powder on your armpits, arms, leg joints, neck, and torso. Each part is known to be sweaty and would certainly need some cooling.

3. Not only Thais use cooling powder in their everyday life. Tourists from various countries such as China, Japan and other western countries also bought it back as a souvenir. We recommend Prickly Heat as one of the best cooling powders available in Thailand. It can bring your body temperature down by 3 degrees when applied.

4. Moreover, cooling powders can be used to repel ants. The powder ingredients include camphor and mint, which can act as ant repellent.