Best Ice Cream in Thailand That You’ll Find in Most Convenience Stores and Supermarkets

Many cities in Thailand are best explored on foot, but the almost-all-year-round heat is out to get us. Luckily, it’s easy to find ice cream to make our day cooler… literally and figuratively!

Ice cream in Thailand is really good. Apart from buying it from ice cream carts and cafés, you’ll find some of the yummiest ice cream in convenience stores like 7-Eleven (almost omnipresent in bigger cities), mom and pop shops (if you’re traveling in smaller cities) and supermarkets.

So don’t leave without trying some of the best ice cream in Thailand!

Best Ice Cream in Thailand That You’ll Find in Most Convenience Stores and Supermarkets

Best Ice Cream in Thailand: The Bars

1. ete Boran


Boran means retro, so the flavors aren’t just Thai. They are Retro Thai. You can taste a variety of Thai desserts and drinks in the form of ice cream. Nom Chompu (sala-flavored milk), Tub Tim Krob (water chestnuts in coconut milk) and Khao Niao Dam Pueak (black sticky rice with taro)… Talk about the local spirit!

2. ete Thai Fruit


Durian, Mango, Mangosteen, Pineapple and so on. Made from real fruits. It’s gonna to be refreshing.

3. Paddle Pop Twister


Don’t miss these fun fusions. If you like it fruity, try Twister Fruity for strawberries, limes and an iconic Thai fruit like mangos.


4. Wall’s Asian Delight


Another very Thai delight. Coconut milk is the staple for the Asian Delight line. Choose from three flavors: Taro, Black Bean and Ruammitr, which consists of lod chong (pandan-flavored rice flour) and corns.

5. Wall’s Big Yakku


A locals’ favorite made from orange-flavored soft drink. Yakku translates to double giants in Thai, referring to its big size and how it can be split into two bars. This way, you can easily share it with your travel companion.



6. Wall’s Solero Split


Lime meets vanilla. It’s a match made in heaven for hot days.

7. Nestlé La frutta


A great ice cream for fruit lovers. One of the new additions to the line is La frutta Yogurt Lychee.

8. Nestlé Milo


There are the original Milo Chocolate flavor and the Magma version. You’ll find the “magma” or the milk-flavored syrup inside the Milo-flavored ice cream.

9. Nestlé Panda


Cute or creepy, it’s in the eye of the beholder. But we can tell you many locals love this chocolate and vanilla combination.


10. Nestlé Butterfly


Like Big Yakku, this strawberry- and grape-flavored ice cream comes with two sticks, so it’s shareable. Take a bite and feel your spirit soar.


11. Nestlé Eskimo


Vanilla-flavored with strawberry jelly at its core. Nice texture.

12. Magnum


It’s true that you can easily find Magnum in many countries, but it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye out for new, unique flavors. Pomegranate, Red Velvet, Tiramisu… The list goes on.


Best Ice Cream in Thailand: The Cones

1. Cornetto


Decisions, decisions. From Classic Ovaltine to Royal Strawberry, Cornetto is awesome for its variety. But if you’re having a hard time picking, we suggest the new Cornetto Rainbow Pop. With its rainbow-colored ice cream, caramel sauce and popping candies, you get the texture variety in just one cone.

2. Wall’s Lipton Crush and Cola Lemon


Not really a cone, but you get the picture. The first variant is made from frozen Lipton lemon tea and the other from frozen cola and lemon.

3. Nestlé Kit Kat


In addition to the original chocolate flavor, you get the Matcha Green Tea flavor.

Best Ice Cream in Thailand: The Cups

1. ete Cup

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Like the bars, ete Cup offers a huge variety. There are standard flavors like Mint Choc Chip and Blueberry Yogurt, but you’ll also find rarer flavors like Mangosteen, Bubble Tea and Cotton Candy.

2. Wall’s Cup


If you’re one for simple pleasures, get Wall’s Cup. Both sweet and sour flavors are available, such as Chocolate Chip, Ovaltine and Lime Delight.

3. Nestlé Cup

Nestlé Cup is all about sweetness. You can choose from Milo, Kit Kat and Chocolate Chip.

Best Ice Cream in Thailand: The Rarer Ones

Some of the most popular ice cream brands from Japan and South Korea have hit Thailand and they have quickly become locals’ favorites. They are less common than the previous ones, but if you go to the bigger branches of convenience stores and supermarkets, you might be lucky.

1. Glico Palitte

2. Glico Seventeen Ice

3. Glico Panapp

4. Gari Gari kun

5. Futaba Jersey Milk Ice Bar and Milk Chocolate Ice Bar

6. Binggrae Melona


7. Yogurt Jelly


That’s it for some of the best ice cream in Thailand that you can easily find. With delicious ice cream at almost every corner, you don’t have to worry too much about the heat anymore. If you want to taste more local flavors, explore Thailand with TakeMeTour Local Experts.