7 (seem to be) common transportation in Thailand

Feel like traveling around today?

Below are some common Thai Public transportation.

Travel Safe! 

  1. Motorcycle Taxi : Almost in front of every alleys or ‘Soi’ in Thai language you can these driver in a colorful jacket with number on it. This is the fastest way to travel to anywhere but watch out for the speed!


  1. BTS : Aka Sky train, this is very convenient way to travel, only if your destination is in Bangkok Downtown. it stations are pretty much located in Downtown area.
  1. Ferryboat : No Thailand doesn’t have that advance river transportation system like Venice but we do have many kind of boat at your service range from Longtail boat to river cruise.


  1. MRT : Basically, it is a subway, they also connected to BTS and they go to station that BTS can’t reach, of course.
  1. Bus : Though, Thailand doesn’t have the longest bus in the world like German. Our buses is pretty convenient, they come in 2 style with air condition and well, open air.  Bus is the most cheapest transportation you can get.
  1. Tuk Tuk : Our 3 wheels National Treasure. It’s faster than Taxi, it shape look way cooler than Taxi and it world way famous!
  1. Taxi : In case you didn’t know, Our taxi is one of the most colorful Taxi in the world. Just choose any color you like with the Taxi sign on the top and a little red light in front of Windscreen on  (vacant)

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