6 things to carry around with when traveling in Thailand

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As we all know that Thailand’s weather is super hot, the sun seems to shine even brighter and hotter by year. Although we have 3 seasons, the temperature has almost never been down. When traveling, there are some items Thai people loves to bring along as if these are our survival kits. We would like you to try these items when you travel around Thailand, and you will definitely love these and find them very helpful.

here is the infographic illustrating the 6 things you will need to carry in your bag wherever you go in Thailand (or any other tropical cities actually…) lol

travel, travel kits, traveler, traveller, localexpert, experience seeker, take, takemetour 1. Hand Fan

Either it’s an electric one or just a regular hand fan is completely up to you, but you will definitely need this when you travel to the local area, especially crowded ones like, train markets or famous temples or shrines.

2. Cooling Powder

If you are the one who sweat a lot and find your deodorant too sweaty or too sticky during the day I recommend you buy one can of this cooling powder. It’s good when you have to travel since relieves the heat from your body very well and reduce rash or prickly heats, but don’t put it too much though because it might leave white stain to your clothes.

3. Mosquito Repellent

I suggest buying this item because I’m the one who usually got bitten by mosquitos all the time and no matter what I wear or how thick my clothes are, it’s completely useless. Mosquito’s  mouth somehow manage to pierce through. (poor me ;-() Thailand is a tropical country where you can encounter with these little creatures wherever you are. Using a mosquito repellent liquid spray is one good choice to create an invisible barrier between you and the insects (am I exaggerating this? lol) but it’s the truth especially those who are from colder countries, you would find these mosquito bites very annoying.

4. Nosal Inhaler

Believe it or not, my foreign friend always snatch and dash my inhaler I brought from Thailand. I remembered bringing a dozen of inhalers, then, I ended up having only one left. This menthol inhaler is very nice to have in your pocket when you feels dizzy from the heat and the crowd and clear a blocked nose. I personally think you should buy one during your trip here and get dozens of them as souvenirs to your fellows back home 🙂

5. Ointment/ Balm

After the repellent, come along with an herbal ointment. This balm is very useful for insect bites and rash, reducing itchiness, also good for rubbing and massaging when you are exhausted during/ after your trip. This one is optional, but if your body are easily attracted by mosquitos like me….please do get one.

6. Sunblock

The sun shining to Thailand is even brighter and hotter by year, so you will definitely need one of this sun protecting lotion. Make sure you buy one some Thai store because it suits best to Thailand’s weather. Any brands/types to your preference will do (I like the spray one). It’s totally fine to bring one from your country. The reason why I suggest you to buy one here is because the sunblock’s formula would be different from yours and you might find your sunscreen goes runny or too oily when applied and use during your trip or day tour in this hot and humid country like Thailand.

So now that you know what you should have when traveling in Thailand, you should be able to enjoy your trip or day tour without worries and irritation.

What do you think? do you have any Thai items you want to suggest fellow travelers to buy in Thailand? Comment and tell us what you think

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