6 cycling trips for every experience seeker to be inspired from

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We all know that cycling has become everyone’s favorite thing to do when we have free time. Not only cycling is good for your health, but you can also observe the local liveliness wherever you pass by.

Today, we have picked ones of the best cycling trips for you guys to check out and to enjoy the local vibe in Thailand.

1. Bike Tour of Bangkok’s Green Lung

From Bangkok to Samut Prakarn

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Cycling in Bang Ka Jao, Bangkok’s green lungs

Enjoy your weekends with a cycling trip in one of the most greenish area near Bangkok. You guys will be stopping by green fields, local cafe and restaurant and a local museum. Plus, an floating​ market for the best local food. Every locals there are so kind and very friendly. You will definitely love this local day trips in Bangkok (more like…from Bangkok lol).

local day trips, local day trips in bangkok, cycling, green lungs, bang ka jao

Enjoy the peaceful surrounding with friendly locals


2. Travel Bangkok-Ayutthaya by train and bicycle

From Bangkok to Ayutthaya

cycling in Thailand_train_ayutthaya

An absolutely lovely trip you must not miss. Take a train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya, then cycle around the historical province; the famous ancient city, a floating market, etc. You will also take a boat ride, grab a local yumminess, watch a traditional performances, and many more.

cycling in Thailand_ayutthaya_ancient_city

3. Songlor Two legs: Cycling Trip

In Bangkok

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Cycling through town

You will definitely make new friends along with this cycling trip. Cycling through the rural area of Bangkok and visit a local tourist attraction. Experience something new along with new fellow bikers. Our local expert, Mr. Tobie, will show you around and observe local ways of life, see what do they do and spend a good quality time with everyone. You guys will be visiting many interesting places along the journey such as Flower market, Giant Swing, Racha temple, etc.

things to do in bangkok, bangkok, cycling, bicycle, bike, temple

Pay a visit to a temple during the trip

4. A Slow Life for a Local Day in Samut Prakan

From Bangkok to Samut Prakarn

cycling in Thailand_samut_prakarn_boatride

Take a slower pace from the business and explore the local way of life in Khun Samut Chin village; cycling, fishing, boating, etc. Our local expert will be showing you around all the way fro Bangkok to Samut Prakarn province. The village is near the Chao Phraya estuary, an important river route for cargo and passenger ships from many countries on their way to Bangkok and Ayutthaya. So here, you will get to see a lot and learn a lot from the local community.

cycling in Thailand_samut_prakarn_food

5. Explore Life of Local People

From Bangkok to Samut Songkram

cycling in Thailand_samut_songkram

For this trip, we will be visiting Ban Bang Phlap community. Cycle around community, observe local lives and places along the way; temples, local markets, fruit farms, and their workshops, and learn how to make famous local condiment; coconut palm sugar. It’s going to be fun.

cycling in Thailand_samut_songkram_floating_market


6. Chiang Mai Cycling Culture Trip (2,280 baht)

In Chiangmai

cycling in Thailand_chiangmai

Unlike any other tour programs, it’s quite neat to be able to cycle around Chiangmai in a less-toursity and peaceful side, sightsee the surrounding and its people, and inhale all the fresh air. Our cycling route features many provincial places; Padad Tai village along the riverside, Koh Klang Bridge, Koh Klang temple, McKean Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre, etc.

cycling in Thailand_chiangmai_temple

What do you think? Comment and share your thought are for a perfect day trip with cycling with us. Please visit our website If you would like to see more of the cycling trips in Thailand.

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