5 Retreating Beaches & Islands near Bangkok

Beach near Bangkok - Island near Bangkok

Nice & Peaceful beach near Bangkok


If you have a few day left for your Bangkok trip and get tired of the crowded city. You might think of some refreshing places filled with nature, like island and beach near Bangkok, and somehow still fun and adventurous. Then these following may be the right destinations, or you might want to go off the coast and try island near Bangkok as well. Beware, however, as the attractions may hold your soul behind when you come back.

  1. 1. Hua Hin – Fancy Moments of Tasty Seafood

  2. hua-hin-beach-near-bangkok
  3. Among the highest popular, Hua Hin has beaches near Bangkok for only about 3 hours away. You can reach it easily by both personal vehicle and public transportation, such as van or train.From day till dusk, it is your call to either enjoy the beauty of the beach itself, travel to plenty of tourist attractions, or get lose in some local cultural markets. If you are hungry, various restaurants are open all day long waiting to serve you with freshly caught seafood.
    1. Local Expert tips: One of the cheapest and freshest seafood is located on Cha-Am beach front not very far from Hua Hin. Numerous seafood shops, run by the locals, provide cloth beach benches to relish the food and the ocean simultaneously. Going with the locals could get you the best deal!
  1. 2. Ko Samet – Eastern Seaboard Paradise

    1. Ko Samet - Island near Bangkok
    2. Ko Samet is a peaceful island near Rayong province featuring many beaches. To travel to Ko Samet, an island near Bangkok, you have to catch a ferry or a boat from one of the docks, so make sure you carefully check the timetable. Nevertheless, if you prefer to set your own time, speed boats are available at reasonable price.

    Each side of the island contains unique atmosphere paralleled by no creation. Depend on your preference, you may choose from a serene seafront to a party-like one. At night, you can utilize resorts’ outlets to be impressed by the sound of the waves, while enjoying a hot dinner.

    Local Expert tips: Many resorts have great fire dance performances for their guests which you may not want to miss. Overnight stay may be required.

    1. 3. Ko Lan – Sleepless Boisterous Island near Bangkok

      Ko Lan - Island near BangkokLocated 7 km. off Pattaya shore, Ko Lan is another popular island near Bangkok of Thailand visited by about 5000 tourists each day. Ferry takes approximately 45 minutes to reach the island’s harbor.

    Ko Lan is famous for its lively activities. If you are a fan of diving, Tong lang beach may stun you with its charming coral reef. Extreme water sports are featured at most seafronts to keep your adrenaline pumping. Also, you can joy a trip with fishermen and set sail into the middle of the night before arrive next morning with buckets full of fish.

    Local Expert tips: Khao Nom sightseeing spot has a breathtaking view which you will remember for a lifetime. Going with the locals may save your time if you have only 1 day from Bangkok.

    1. 4. Sattahip – A Hidden Gem Beach near Bangkok

    2. Sattahip - Beach near Bangkok
      Apart from Pattaya, Sattahip is also a good dest the district can be reached by public transportation with ease which you can have a touch of beach near Bangkok.

    Most areas of Sattahip are well looked after by the Navy, thus every beach is barely harmed by human. The seawater is crystal clear revealing fish groups joyfully swim by. The sand itself is warm, white and soft as if it is massaging your feet when you walk pass. Cultural attractions like Buddha Mountain may be worth your while for its one of a kind design.

    Local Expert tips: Toey Ngam Beach is believed by the local to be “The Dragon’s belly button” which possesses the power of four elements. The person who soaks in the sea will obtain more life force. Also, some places may be reserved for local Thai, going there with the locals is the best idea.

  2. 5. Ko Kret – Cultural & Artistic Island beside Bangkok

  3. Ko Kret - Island near Bangkok
    Ko Kret is very close to Bangkok suit for a one day trip. It is a small island near Bangkok in Nonthaburi Province which is next to the capital. The island is opened from 9.00 to 17.30 hour. The only way to travel to Ko Kret is by local boats.

The main highlight of this island is culture. You can taste original Thai flavor of food and dessert via local shops. There are a few wats serving as cultural centers which preserve beautiful painting inside the temples wall. Pottery demonstration is performed by the locals to inherit this well-crafted ancient art.

  • Expert Local tips: Don’t forget to try “Tod mun nor ka-la” the most famous traditional dish of Ko Kret. Save time and learn the cultural aspect with the real local people is always the best idea.
  1. ” You, now, can design the face of your trip, but if you cannot then do not worry. As you have the potential to travel all of them. Just simply pick one and come back to catch the rest in a later visit. These beaches and islands near Bangkok will wait to have the pleasure of stealing your soul. “