5 Reasons for me to pick the best local sim card for a next visit to Thailand

Travelling without an internet connection on your smartphone might not be so comfortable & convenience these days.

It’s not only about telling your friends where you are through Facebook’s check-in or posting uniquely delicious local food photo on Instagram, but also requesting an UBER to your hotel or chatting with a host on Airbnb or even messaging a local guides on TakeMeTour for a change of plan.


5 Reasons for me to pick the best local sim card for a next visit to Thailand

Although roaming an internet from your home operator is the most convenient approach, it’s definitely not the most cost-effective way to have an internet on-the-go.

This’s not to mention a hassle of selecting the right operator (especially while you are not familiar with most of them – or their display name) and a risk of bill shock from excessive usage of data or receiving calls abroad. This is why I personally prefer to buy a local sim card for data connection on my smart phone while traveling.

As a local Thai, I have picked my best choice of a local tourist sim card you should definitely buy for your next visit to Thailand, Happy Tourist SIM by dtac (Telenor’s company). These are 5 exact reasons why I think so.

  1. Happy Tourist SIM is the Thailand’s best-selling sim card for traveller.

    It’s no harm and actually a smart way to follow the crowd to buy the most popular choice.

    Thailand’s best-selling sim card for traveller.

    Thailand’s best-selling sim card for traveller.

  2. Dtac has the BEST 4G coverage especially where it matters.

    As travellers, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport are the first crucial spot that you may need internet connection. Moreover, dtac also has the best 4G coverage around where travellers mostly gather including the underground MRT lines, where they usually lack of good connection. So you’ll never get frustrated when you need internet the most. Rest assured that you will never get lost without internet connection as long as you keep your smartphone safe.

  3. Not only the coverage, but you’ll also get the FASTEST 4G connection.

    Because dtac currently has the widest bandwidth among all other operators. With dtac Super 4G, you can enjoy up to 126 Mbps. It covers over 40 major cities nationwide. Who has time to waste on loading, right?

    FASTEST 4G connection

    Super 4G connection

  4. FREE 7-day insurance for everyone buying Happy Tourist SIM.

    After sending 1 (free) SMS to activate this service, you’ll get the smoothest travelling experience in Thailand! This accident insurance is totally charge-free for you to be stress-free! Of course no one expect the accident, but it’s no harm to have the extra coverage; not just one, but 7 days!

    FREE 7-day insurance for everyone buying Happy Tourist SIM.

    FREE 7-day insurance for everyone buying Happy Tourist SIM.

  5. Privilege ฿ 300 discount on the best local tours in Thailand & TOP 5 in Asia.

    You’re a spontaneous traveller, and haven’t had your trip planned out yet? No problem! As Happy Tourist SIM gives you a FREE ฿300 off your booking at TakeMeTour, which is the largest marketplace for local tours in Thailand. Since you want to stay away from scam & tourist trap while still want to learn the local stories, we all agree that the best (and most hassle-free) way to see Thailand is through the local’s eyes. See it in action

    Privilege discount on the best local tours in Thailand

    Hint: Although you don’t think you need a sim card, just get one because you actually get the discount & benefit more than what you paid for the sim card itself 😉


Let me know what do you think in the comment box below. Beat the queue & reserve a SIM before you arrive here. I hope you have a pleasant stay in Thailand.

Bon Voyage!