13 tips to tell the fake local floating markets from real ones


Have you ever been to a floating market before? Are you sure it isn’t a ‘Floating Tourist Trap’?

Check these tips out and see whether you are a victim of a ‘must not’ go location or not. For a complete guide to the floating markets, be sure to check out our ebook here.

 1) The place doesn’t have the real canal.

Can you believe it? They made it all up, though I cannot tell you where the floating markets are located without being sue. I can tell you that ‘Watch out for unnaturally short canal, and shoal river.

2) It’s all ‘Bling-Bling’

Roll boats, shops or piers seem too neat or too new. Everything is so shinny but non-realistic. Then, you could tell that it was all tourist orientated.

3) All you can eat and shop

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about ‘All you can eat’ buffet or outlet shop where you can buy everything. However, it’s doesn’t make sense if you can buy everything or eat anything from the entire country in one place. Authentic, much?

4) Everything come with a price

The products or foods they sale – it’s not only the same things – you can see in Bangkok, it is also come with super over price.  Why would you want to waste you money on very common things but just came in a new showcase; by a canal side.

5) They have stage shows

The shows maybe fancy and all but that was a red flag right there! If the place was local and real why would they put on local shows? For local entertainment? I don’t think so.

6) They wear costume

All of sudden, you were back in ancient time. You didn’t see T-shirts, jeans or dresses but these colorful silk clothing took over (Search ‘Thai traditional costume’ to fulfill your imagination).  Let’s face it, nobody wear traditional costume in daily life unless it is special occasion.

____________________________________________________________________________________7207) Huge parking spot 

There go another double-decker bus drove pass your vehicle. Heavy traffic was properly waiting for you on the way back. Didn’t the bus remind you of whirlwind tour?

8) Is that Thai?

When you walked in, you heard many accents and languages from pedestrians except Thai. Their hair might be a bit dark but was that Thai, Chinese or Korean.

9) Please come this way

Guides swamped over you the minute you stepped out of your car.  They tried to offer you what so called ‘A trip of a lifetime’ with very limited options and conditions, plus the high price, of course.

10) Everything is local

They tried so hard to make the place look like local, they pull out every tricks and toys, they have in their pockets. Bingo, they accomplished ‘the wannabe’ award.

11) Taxis and travel agencies sweet heart

“It’s the best seller!” They said “You must go to this place” they said.  Well, they said that only because they get commission from the market.

12) Let’s hang out tonight

It seems make sense if the place has home stay and you need to go out, but heavy metal or electronic music in the middle of a riverside village. Really?

13) “I knew it!”

What more to say?  You just knew it, that’s all.

To be or not to be ‘local,’ that is the question.  It’s become harder and harder to find local places or feel authentic senses. Nevertheless, it’s still possible!


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