13 Reason to Travel as Experience Seeker


The “Traveler vs.Tourist” war seem endless and tiring. It seems that we’re deliberately missing the point of traveling here.

Isn’t the point of traveling is to gain new experiences?

If it’s a yes, then shouldn’t we focus on “Why” we are travel rather than “What” kind of wanderlust are we?

It’s true that alternate ways of travel provide different levels of experiences, however, it doesn’t mean that one experience are less than another.

Be “Experiences Seeker” and get it all!

1. Seek the difference

Something, someone or some places that make your heart jump in excitement, your eyes wide in surprise and your mind scream.


2. Seek the similarity

It is the fact that we come from different places, we speak different tongues, and we have different cultures. Nevertheless, our heart beat as one and we have been passed on our knowledge to others done since the dawn of time. Thus, you can see some things familiar not only when you travel in the same continent but also in the other side of the world.

As Michael Jackson said
We are the world

3. Seek to be distinct

Do you remember who you were before your society told you who are?

Sociologist said “The best way to know who you are is to put yourself in unfamiliar environment”

We learn by imitation since we were born, often, we tend to follow the crowd.

Perhaps, It’s time to seek YOU.
Swim against the current

4. Seek to blend in

A metaphor told as old as time “When in Rome do as the Romans do.” has proved to be useful.
As you don’t want to pat on a buddha image, Do a certain hand gesture in Italy, or wear a short and strapless in Saudi Arabia. It may make you feel uncomfortable but once you open your heart and see the reasons behind them. It will be a different story.

Sometimes it’s better to

Go with the flow

5. Seek to think outside boxes

Seeing new things, learning new cultures, and see countries through local eyes. You mind will shine bright like a diamond as Rihanna said so

Or even better

Get Rid of The Box!

6. But also to look inside boxes

When you step in new territories, you will not only learn the new things but also think of the old. You can rearrange you thought that way, to see which idea you want to keep and find the one that is outdated.

Stay updated


7. Seek to live in present

Everyone know that the most important time is “Now” but knowing isn’t enough, sometimes you have to force it to happen. Traveling without tour guide will automatically shift your focus to a present time; What to do next? Where am I going to get my next meal from? , or, when your local friends take you to some places unlike anything you ever were seen, you just want to admire the scene in front of your eyes.

Living in the moment

8. Seek to think of the past

Travel in a non-tourist area or in a remote place the power of serenity and intrigue will trigger something inside you. Memories were forgotten which bright smile to your lips or tear to your eyes, either way, let take the time to make peace with it and move on.

Learn from the past

9. Seek to plan for the future

“Tension is who you think you should be, Relax is who you think you are” – Chinese Proverb –

Many times we travel to escape, to be with ourselves and ask cliché questions about our life.

What I really want? What should I do next?

It is actually better to make a plan when you relax and truly know what you want.

May your choices reflect your love not fear

10. Seek to listen to your heart

We do what we should do to survive but Don’t you want to thrive through life, instead?
Thriving will begin the moment you love what you do when you know your heart desire. It’s not easy to listen to one heart while we are running and trying to catch up with living by traveling as experience seeker, you don’t need to rush through life. You learn to live through the local way of lives, whether, you like it or not – you heart will tell you to decide.

Listen to the still small voice

11. But also take your head with you

Talk to your heart and refresh your brain in some places enchanted and quite

Follow your heart but take your brain with you

12. Seek to be a traveler and tourist

Don’t be trapped by Discourse! Do want you want! Go where you want to go!

As long as you don’t alter others rights, you should live freely.

Don’t be trapped by dogma

13. Define travel in your own term

“The Real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”
-Marcel Proust-

Is this statement valid?

Are other famous statements get through to you?

Be an Experience Seeker

Eventually, It doesn’t matter what kind of traveler you are as long as you keep on experiencing while you are traveling.

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