4 Floating Markets For Weekdays

Thais had long relied on the river in the past while today we still visit floating markets regularly. Many travelers come to Thailand during weekdays and may miss the chance to see these lovely floating markets.  It’s true most of them close on weekdays. But only if you know it better, there’re quite a few that open on weekdays too! And here’s the list!


1. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market 

This one became really famous among foreigners by the attention the Hollywood has given during the 70’s. It is strictly advised to go there in the morning as the market prepares to close at about 2-3 PM. Although it is always packed with tourists, you can hop on a Long-Tailed boat to observe the real local lifestyle along the river just off the market area.


Image result for ตลาดดอนหวาย


2. Don Wai Market

Some prefer to call it “Riverside” rather than Floating. Yes, most vendors install up their shops on the riverbank and not in the boat no more. Though, you can have lunch on a lovely Thai style cruise enjoying the beautiful view of the river. It is also indispensable to pay respect to the local temple “Rai Khing” nearby.



3. Wat Ta Kian Floating Market

How often would you see an ice-cream stall coming on a boat! Even for Thais. only few have seen it! This is the unique experience you can find here in Wat Ta Kian Floating Market. Not to mention, you will run into no tourists at all!

4. Bang Plee Ancient Market

Well preserved its own uniqueness in the community of Bang Plee along the river, this floating market becomes a true gem for people to explore. Similar to Don Wai Market, vendors don’t quite row the boat selling stuff anymore. But as you can see, this market is ultimately reliant on the river that wraps its warm arms around the people of Bang Plee.