7 Thai habits foreign travelers might find them WEIRD

Hello from Bangkok,

This week topic is about some major habits of Thai people that you might find them a little (or a lot) odd. There are actually many more but I think this 7 Thai habits are the most obvious.

Let see what we have here 😀

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1. Tableware

Unlike westerners, instead of using only fork for normal dish, knife for steak, and spoon for soup, Thai people use fork and spoon, to make it easier to eat rice and other dishes, and they use chopsticks and small spoon (which is Thai soup spoon) for noodle dish, so don’t be surprise if Thais use both fork and spoon when eating pasta or using knife and fork for pizza or KFC. Thai people assume that using these knife and fork is the correct way to eat western food rather than using their hands.

2. Sauces

Following the table ware, Thai people really like to put a lot of ketchup onto steak, pizza, pasta, or basically any western food they feel like they want to. If you have a chance to observe Thais when having a meal at KFC you will see that they put a lot of ketchup and sweet chilli sauce (some even mix these two sauces together) on a separate plate to dip their chicken in. It’s weird, but I guess it’s because Thai people love spicy and flavourful taste/ look. When they see any western dish that seems bland or cheesy for example, carbonara, sausage, pizza, etc, they just go and ask a waiter for ketchup. Putting a little of sauce is fine, but for Thai people’s preferences, a lot is better.

3. Yes/No Questions

This might be a little hard for foreign travelers to understand ( but please so lol). Thai people say Krub (male) and Ka (female) at the end of their conversation for the politeness, and also as the way to say that they understand what conversation is going on/ and as accepting certain conditions. Normally when we ask with an affirmative sentence is normal, but when we start to question things with a negative word for example, “Don’t you think it’s taste really bad?” or “Aren’t we going to this place first?” We reply ‘no’ ,If the answer is no. For Thai people? If the answer is no they will say Krub/ Ka or nodding since they thought they are agreeing so it’s should be “Yes, I think so”. This doesn’t happen to just foreign travelers. It’s Thai’s conversation way. So, make sure every time we ask Thai people if their answers are actually yay or nay.

4. Cold Drinks

This one is simple. Thailand’s weather is super hot almost throughout the year, even if it’s rainy or winter season (only a few parts of Thailand get real cold, but for the major areas….nope….very hot and humid). Thai people like iced drinks, some like to chomp chomp all the ices. Although it’s a little cold out side, they still wants some ices. They put ices on beer to. It’s like their subconscious say that it will be better and colder if we put ices (even if that drink is chilled), so do ask the waiter/waitress not to bring ices if you don’t want it, otherwise they will just bring you your drink and a glass of ice.

5. Tissue

Tissue is another issue foreign travelers will encounter when roaming in Thailand because Thais commonly use this toilet paper to wipe/clean everything. Paper towel that we usually use at home are what Thai people use for absorb excess cooking oil when cooking (and only when cooking). The rest of the time, they use this toilet paper and tissue. When you have an opportunity to eat at any local Thai food they only have cheap pinky paper for you to wipe you mouth. If you are not okay with this type of tissue, then, I suggest buying any tissue you like at a local super market and bring it along with you is a better choice.

6. Washing Feet

It actually is an old belief. Thai elders say that cleaning their before getting in the house is to leave bad luck (,energy or feelings) behind, and it feels refreshing that way. Nowadays, Thais still doing this, but some people who live in a condo won’t be able to wash their feet before entering their room? some don’t have a front yard or a space to do, so they have changed this. They wash their feet the moment they are back home instead. Not only get rid of odor and dirt, it feels better and relaxing that way.

7. Bidet Shower

Normally, we find this water hose at any restaurant/ house for dish washing, but you will find this thing in Thai restroom almost everywhere. It’s the bidet shower that neatly clean your private parts when they are doing their business no.1 or no.2 or both lol This item is one thing Thai people don’t understand why many countries don’t have/use it. Don’t you want to have your private parts nice and clean every time you get out of the toilet?

FYI: In some places of Thailand (mostly local/countrysides) don’t have this bidet shower, only have a water bowl to draw and clean after your private business….I suggest you bring a roll of toilet paper/ paper wipes along the trip because you will need some skills to clean your bottom with a water bowl, and especially if there is no a normal one, but a chines squatty toilet.

What do you think? Agreed?

Hope you enjoy this week infographic and please let me know if there’s any topics you would like to know more about Thailand and its people and culture…

Have a great day 🙂